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ATLCX (Episode 18): The Truth About Sweeteners | Dr. David Getoff


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In Episode 18 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we dive headfirst into one of the more controversial areas of debate about the healthy low-carb lifestyle–what to do about sweeteners! Some say the taste of sweet itself is an addiction that needs to be overcome by complete abstinence from consuming anything sweet on the tongue. Still others believe that finding adequate sugar substitutions in your diet is a lot healthier way to eat than a sugar-filled one. And then there are those who say it is better to eat sugar, honey or other natural sugars than to risk consuming chemical-based sweeteners that are doing God-knows-what to your body. So who do you believe about what you should do? That’s where this week’s expert comes in. He is a naturopath and board-certified clinical nutritionist named Dr. David Getoff and he’s going to cut to the chase and get to the heart of the matter in Episode 18 of “Ask The Low-Carb Experts.” As you will quickly realize in listening to Dr. Getoff, he is quite knowledgeable about all of the ins and outs of both the natural and artificial sweeteners available for consumers to purchase and will give us some of the cold, hard facts about what is right and what is wrong about the information being disseminated about sweeteners. We were pleased to have brought you Dr. David Getoff on ATLCX to answer lots of intriguing listener questions about sweeteners in EPISODE 18 on June 21, 2012.

NOTE: If you downloaded this episode on iTunes prior to now, please discard it and download it again. There was an echo effect happening during the first 8 minutes that has since been corrected. THANKS so much for listening!

Listen to Dr. David Getoff give “The Truth About Sweeteners”:

  • He is the first ATLCX guest I’ve never interviewed before
  • The supposed health experts are physicians and dietitians
  • They’ve been given “no legitimate information” or it’s wrong
  • To say that eating nothing sweet doesn’t jive with history
  • But we were never made to have large quantities of sugar
  • Sugar came primarily from fruit for 6-12 weeks annually
  • Honey was also a source of sweet in traditional cultures
  • Maple syrup takes “hours and hours” to process to make sweet
  • We are genetically-programmed to consume very little sugar
  • Artificial sweeteners used to be “non-nutritive sweeteners”
  • It’s always better to eat fruit with fat and protein
  • Refrain from all of the “Frankenfood” sweeteners
  • Why he hates the word “natural” describing food
  • Cobra venom is “natural” but is it good for you?
  • What about the low-glycemic sweeteners that are natural?
  • We have to be very careful about “low-glycemic” with sugar
  • No gas or bloating after sugar alcohols is “no problem”
  • High-fructose corn syrup is actually low-glycemic
  • Agave nectar is promoted as healthy and is horrible
  • Whether Splenda kills off the good bacteria in your gut
  • Splenda was “accidentally” discovered by pesticide researchers
  • The process of making Splenda is same as making pesticide
  • How the artificial sweetener companies claim they’re healthy
  • Why we have deep yearnings and cravings for sugar
  • It’s a combo of being “addicting” and brain motivation
  • People giving up sugar have withdrawal symptoms
  • It only takes about three weeks to normalize blood sugar
  • 80% of the cravings go away just by going low-carb
  • Consume more fat and protein and blood sugar will “balance”
  • People feel better, more energetic, and overall healthy
  • Dr. Getoff’s 30-Day Experimental Health Diet Plan
  • Whether stevia or xylitol inhibit weight loss
  • Xylitol is “extremely toxic” for pets, especially dogs
  • The only way it inhibits weight loss is promoting “sweet”
  • This may make you grab something sugary to consume
  • Why the Truvia sweetener is a horrible stevia product
  • Truvia is 99+% genetically-modified erythritol
  • There’s on an “itty bitty” amount of stevia in it
  • Dr. Getoff’s interview with James May about stevia
  • Stevia is the most mispronounced how to say this word
  • It’s pronounced steh-vee-uh and not stee-vee-uh
  • The long-term effects of consuming stevia are unknown
  • Replacing diet for sugar soda shows no difference in weight loss
  • Watch the documentary Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
  • If aspartame was a drug it would NOT have been approved
  • Aspartame is “a nerve poison” and very “carcinogenic”
  • It can slow down metabolism so your weight loss stops
  • Stop eating or drinking things that are toxic for your body
  • Don’t EVER weigh everyday–do it once a week at most
  • The sweeteners are only the beginning of problems with soda
  • Phosphoric acid in carbonated beverages “acidify the body”
  • There are better ways to make sparkling water than soda
  • Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia flavored liquid drops
  • There is no choice about which artificial sweetener to use
  • Stevia, yacon syrup and lo han are the better sweeteners
  • Saccharin is probably “least unhealthy” but not recommended
  • Yacon syrup sweetener that comes primarily from Peru
  • Dr. Getoff’s recommended yacon syrup from Herbdealer.com
  • Yacon has no starch but rather soluble fibers (inulin)
  • The fibers taste sweet but aren’t “metabolized or utilized”
  • It’s prebiotic that will “feed the good bacteria” in the gut
  • Yacon syrup is still extremely expensive ($70 for 1 liter)
  • The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam
  • Replace all of her agave nectar recipes for yacon syrup
  • Whether oligofructose like SweetPerfection is like yacon or not
  • The brand new Coco Polo stevia-sweetened chocolate bars
  • This is first chocolate bar using stevia as main sweetener
  • 80-90% of the sweetness level comes from stevia
  • Whether coconut sugar is a good sweetener to use or not
  • When you talk about “sugar,” it’s not good for the body
  • It’s still sugar and has problems despite being natural
  • Erythritol and xylitol are a close second sweetener to use
  • Sweet Suicide: How Sugar Ruins Your Health documentary
  • Listen to Nancy Appleton in Episode 337 of The LLVLC Show
  • A good comeback for people claiming sugar is “naturally”
  • Sugar is a highly-processed product
  • People don’t know what they don’t know
  • Find a quote from Dr. Getoff to share with others
  • Why maltitol is allowed to be used in products
  • Sorbitol and maltitol were always used in diabetic foods
  • These cause “major GI distress” even in smaller amounts
  • Money talks more than science when it comes to manufacturing
  • Erythritol is used as a “bulking agent” in stevia sweeteners
  • Stevita and Sweetleaf are the two purest forms of 100% stevia
  • Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar
  • People are used to using sugar, so a little erythritol helps
  • You can get in liquid form that is pure water and stevia
  • Why maltodextrin is used as a primary bulking agent
  • It is a cheap sugar that dissolves and keeps the taste
  • Saccharin and cyclamate sweetener sold in Europe
  • It’s “two toxic substances” with “no purpose” in consuming
  • You are better off using small amounts of sugar than this
  • Stevia should be available just about anywhere in the world
  • Stevia has only recently been approved as a GRAS sweetener
  • Sweetleaf was granted first GRAS status from the FDA in 2009
  • GRAS stands for “generally recognized as safe”
  • Any connections between artificial sweeteners and infertility
  • To be more infertile, ingest molecules from sweeteners
  • It takes 9-12 months to detox and then get pregnant
  • The concern over mycotoxins in using a pure stevia blend
  • If it’s a good brand, then the chance is very low
  • Normally there shouldn’t be mycotoxins in stevia products
  • What impact ACE-K (acesulfame potassium) has on health
  • If a substance has “diet” or “zero” on it, don’t purchase it
  • If it says diet I’m not gonna buy it
  • The “zero” may take away bad stuff, but they add bad back in
  • How to break the cravings for something sweet
  • Every time cravings come back, then it’s a toxic substance
  • Substitute “cocaine” or “heroin” for sugar instead
  • Is it worth the difficulty of getting off sugar many times?
  • Try liquid bitter melon extract to make sweet food irrelevant
  • It makes something very sweet “have no taste at all”
  • Swish it around in your mouth for a minute and you’re good
  • Whether it’s more important to cut sugar or exercise
  • You have to determine what is “acceptable” for your low-carb
  • Your body would rather you cut the sugar out completely
  • Begin changing the bread to a “healthier form of bread”
  • It’s important for him to “give people transition foods”
  • He approves Purity, Bean and Smart Carb #3 from Julian Bakery
  • Jimmy’s negative experience eating Julian Bakery breads
  • You’re better off “not eating bread” at all if you can

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