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ATLCX (Episode 17): ‘All Things Exercise (Exercise 101)’ | Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib


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In Episode 17 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we focus in on the subject of exercise. You probably already realize that exercise is an often misunderstood aspect of a healthy lifestyle change because it can be interpreted in a variety of ways. From cardio to resistance training, high-intensity interval training and everything in between, the average person just doesn’t know for sure what the heck they should be doing to maximize their results along with a healthy nutritional plan. This week we have two experts who know a thing or two about bringing the proper balance into play when it comes to exercise in Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib from Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness. No doubt you have heard about the incredible Paleo success story that Sarah has from her uber-popular Everyday Paleo blog, podcast, cookbook and children’s book and she has a brand new book coming in September 2012 entitled Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook: Real Food for Real Life. In case you missed it, I featured Sarah Fragoso in Episode 482 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast in June 2011. Her EPLifeFit business partner and frequent guest contributor to her “Everyday Paleo” blog Jason Seib is a bona fide nutrition and fitness expert extraordinaire in his own right and he was featured in Episode 508 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast in 2011. Both Sarah and Jason believe that eating a real foods-based diet along with an intelligent exercise program can help you reach your personal fitness and health goals and they stand ready to answer your questions about how to make that happen! With Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib chiming in on this week’s show, we were pleased to have brought you these two incredible expert guests joining us on ATLCX answering listener questions about exercise in EPISODE 17 on June 14, 2012.

NOTE: You will probably have to turn up your volume a little louder to optimize your enjoyment of this episode. We apologize for some compromised sound during this show. Upgraded equipment has been purchased to hopefully improve the quality in future episodes. THANK YOU for listening!

Listen to Sarah and Jason take on “All Things Exercise (Exercise 101)”:

  • Food hasn’t always been readily available like it is today
  • We were designed to move around frequently and to lift heavy things
  • Exercise and nutrition cannot be viewed separately
  • Why personal trainers get it wrong on both nutrition and exercise
  • Trainers focus on weight loss instead of fat loss
  • Most trainers want to be a trainer because they like to workout
  • This reason for being a trainer makes you a part of the problem
  • What kind of equipment is needed for the EPLifeFit program?
  • Dumbbells and a bench are pretty much all you need to get started
  • People generally want to continue to acquire more equipment as you progress
  • Sprints are valuable but “not front-row valuable” for exercise
  • How to “tweak” your diet/exercise plan to shed more body fat
  • If you’re “getting smashed” in the gym, your body might be stressed
  • Get enough meat in your diet and watch your carbohydrate intake
  • Try to time your carb intake within 30 after your workout is finished
  • This restores your glycogen stores but without spiking your insulin
  • What his thoughts are on exercising in a keto-adapted state
  • The Art And Science Of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Volek/Phinney
  • Why it can be difficult to switch over to burning fat for fuel early on
  • You need to “earn your carbohydrates” before thinking you can have them
  • There’s no need to be “super low-carb,” but get the level that’s right for you
  • The body will produce cortisol from being stressed if carbs are too low
  • Whether lipolysis can act quickly enough once you deplete glycogen stores
  • If you’re not moving around much, keep your carbs reduced
  • If you’re moving around a lot, get enough carbs to fuel your workouts
  • What needs to be done to break through a stubborn plateau
  • People tend to expect the rate of weight loss to continue all the time
  • The goal is to get you strong and “inevitably people get leaner”
  • It’s not a great idea to try to dead lift on your own (get educated!)
  • If your sleep patterns are bad, it could “throw a wrench” in your plan too
  • Three weeks isn’t “technically stuck” in your weight loss efforts
  • Doing three 75-minute CrossFit/MMA workouts weekly would “put on body fat”
  • Your body is likely “hoarding that fat” on your body from the stress
  • If you’re trying to be an MMA fighter for sport, then do that much training
  • But if your goal is fat loss and getting lean, then tone back the training
  • You don’t get to decide what your body is gonna get right
  • If you only set your sights on aesthetic goals, you’ll end up being frustrated
  • Jason’s June 2011 “Everyday Paleo” column “Attention Scale Addicts!”: Part 1/Part 2
  • If you go from unhealthy to healthy, the “scale will betray you”
  • Scales are for finding out whether a bridge will support you
  • Working out in a fasted state in the morning is good for weight loss
  • Some people will not do well and feel nauseous if they don’t eat pre-workout
  • It doesn’t mean there’s “something bad” if you can’t train fasted
  • Post-workout nutrition doesn’t require a “huge rush” for getting protein
  • The repair of your muscles doesn’t happen quickly, so why hurry
  • If you’re intermittent fasting, then you should probably get protein soon
  • Avoid the protein shakes and “liquid food” because “it’s a bad idea”
  • Liquid food is “basically predigested” and raises the glycemic index
  • How do you know when you are getting too much exercise?
  • When you become tired, slowing down, recovering poorly–that’s over-training!
  • Group workouts promote a “social” exercise atmosphere which can be a problem
  • The people who need to stop working out for a couple of months to recover
  • Adrenal fatigue will lead to raised cortisol, bad sleep and poor results
  • The high-intensity interval training brought on this epidemic of adrenal fatigue
  • How low-carb/Paleo fits into someone engaged in bodybuilding competitions
  • An off-season bodybuilder should not do low-carb because it’s not about health
  • There can be a huge difference throughout the day of a competition
  • They “carb back up” to get their muscles to “puff” out for the show
  • Bodybuilders need to eat “a lotta lotta food” to get calories
  • It’s insulting to women bodybuilders when women worry about “bulking up”
  • What exercise you can do to lose post-pregnancy belly fat while eating Paleo
  • Running could be raising cortisol that could keep the belly fat on
  • If your period hasn’t returned, then there are women’s hormonal concerns
  • ATLCX (Episode 10): ‘All Things Thyroid (Thyroid 101)’ | Chris Kresser
  • Mid-section fat after pregnancies can take a long time to go away
  • There’s no such thing as “spot reduction” when it comes to fat loss
  • The “ab bench” that people think will flatten their stomach
  • Sarah Fragoso’s adrenal fatigue story and how she beat it
  • What Sarah’s strength numbers look like and how she lifts heavy
  • She lifts weights so she doesn’t hurt herself and keep up with her kids
  • Bag the excessive cardio and get really strong when you’re stalled
  • If your food is dialed in, then check stress, sleep and chronic cardio
  • Doing something relaxing walking out in nature is better
  • If you just eat low-carb but have grains you could be staying pretty inflamed
  • Vegetable oils are zero-carb, but will keep systemic inflammation raised
  • Weight loss needs to be about getting healthier in the process
  • Whether there is a genetic limit on your ability to increase strength
  • You can keep make muscle gains for years as long as you keep working
  • People get into “pushing the diet button” to find the next big thing
  • If you want to be stronger, then be healthy and you’ll get the best results
  • Super-slow reps are one tool to use in weight training but not the only one
  • Natural selection doesn’t allow for super-slow movement exercise only
  • Lifting slowly doesn’t match the movement that happens naturally
  • You really can’t get the strength results you want without lifting weights
  • If you don’t have any equipment, then super-slow movement works just fine
  • There’s no reason why a 65-year old female couldn’t get into good shape
  • Beginning on a weight lifting plan is a “scary thing” but totally necessary
  • There’s a “light bulb moment” when people realize they’re supposed to move
  • The progression in your lifting program will happen as you just do it
  • When somebody shows you what to do, there’s no stopping you after that
  • Sarah Fragoso’s “Everyday Paleo” column “Why I Lift Weights”
  • Don’t be a gym “wanderer”: “I’m A Wanderer”
  • Good motivators to getting started on a lifestyle change
  • Change is “unsettling” with no control over but it is necessary
  • Put yourself out there and figure out what you want to do with your life
  • Whether engaging in exercise can actually cause a weight loss stall
  • Mark Sisson’s “Quitting Chronic Cardio” blog post
  • Listen to your body and back off to walking as well as heavy lifting
  • Change the type of exercise to the kind that will work for you

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