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ATLCX (Episode 16): ‘Low-Carb, Pregnancy & Kids’ | Maria Emmerich and Valerie Berkowitz


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In Episode 16 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we turn the topic of attention to all the great low-carb moms and future mothers of the world who might be wondering how exactly they should be eating while pregnant and what to feed their child once those little bundles of joy say hello to the world. It’s such an important topic that I asked not just one but two bona fide experts on this subject to help answer your questions about it.

Nutritional wellness expert Maria Emmerich has long been providing amazing low-carb nutritional recipes and advice on her “Maria’s Nutritious and Delicious Journal” and she was featured in Episode 376 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” In November 2011, she adopted two beautiful baby boys from Ethiopia and has seen firsthand what it’s like feeding children well. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of her brand new June 2012 book on how to feed kids well called The Art of Eating Healthy – Kids: Grain Free Low Carb Reinvented (Volume 2).

Another excellent guest expert joining us is Valerie Berkowitz from the “For The Health Of It” blog who was featured in Episode 251 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” Not only does this registered dietitian who worked with the late, great Dr. Robert Atkins in his complementary medicine clinic recommend healthy low-carb living for her clients, she herself has given birth to several babies following strict adherence to the Atkins Lifetime Maintenance plan.

With Maria Emmerich and Valerie Berkowitz on hand for this week’s show, we had a lot of low-carb and personal wisdom to share. I’m pleased to have brought you two outstanding experts today joining us on ATLCX answering listener questions about low-carb, pregnancy and kids in EPISODE 16 on June 7, 2012.

Listen to Maria and Valerie Addressing “Low-Carb, Pregnancy & Kids”:

  • Use common sense when choosing how your kids eat
  • Stay true to your low-carb lifestyle during pregnancy
  • Aside from increasing calories, nothing changes in your plan
  • Valerie’s appreciation of the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise
  • Her blog post about her low-carb pregnancy experience
  • The weight gain and skin tags Valerie had during pregnancy
  • But for low-carb she would have developed gestational diabetes
  • Valerie’s conversation on the cruise with Dr. Michael Fox
  • Birth control brings on vitamin deficiencies like zinc
  • The birth defects that happen from the lack of micronutrients
  • Some miscarriages can happen from food allergies
  • Gluten is an issue as Dr. William Davis’ Wheat Belly shows
  • Excess estrogen that cause problems in women
  • Why Maria doesn’t think it’s hard to cook for young children
  • The atrocity of the rice cereal recommended by pediatricians
  • Whether eating “safe starches” is necessary for fertility
  • Eating starch for pregnancy is “such malarkey”
  • There is no carb that will balance hormones in a woman
  • Starches will only give you sugar as empty calories
  • Protein gives you the nutrients that will help fertility
  • The majority of Americans need to be on a ketogenic diet
  • Breastfeeding moms should be careful while losing weight on low-carb
  • When you’re pregnant, you add the best 300 calories of nutrition
  • Protein provides growth whereas carbohydrates do not
  • All men on statin drugs tend to take Viagra as well
  • Cholesterol is essential for making hormones
  • Mother’s breast milk has more saturated fat in it than anything
  • Moms should take coconut oil three times daily to balance hormones
  • Both men and women need to be eating nutritiously for fertility
  • Whether eating very low-carb causes any harm to a fetus
  • Whole grains and starches fuel the economy and push research
  • Genetically we are not programmed to eat these carbohydrates
  • Young married Inuit women got the quality low-carb foods
  • A lack of choline can impact the fetus negatively from cortisol
  • Eggs are a rich source of choline in a pregnant woman’s diet
  • The spinal cord in a baby is made from the B vitamins
  • B vitamins come from egg yolks and protein, not starches
  • For proper brain function, the diet should be 60% fat
  • Omega-3 fats are being added to baby formula
  • But the ingredients also include high-fructose corn syrup
  • Even “no sugar added” formula includes maltodextrin in it
  • It’s amazing how the government allows this in baby formula
  • Maria’s use of bone broth with her two baby boys
  • An omega-3, multivitamin and folic acid helps with fertility
  • There may be more specifics based on individual needs
  • Don’t necessarily take CoQ10 during pregnancy
  • Getting your hormones functioning as normal as possible
  • Cod liver oil and sardines are greatly important for fertility
  • Eat whole eggs with yolks cooked in coconut oil
  • Coconut cream is great fertility food and then feed it to the baby
  • Use quality salt and get away from “that junky fake salt”
  • A list of low-carb foods to get the proper nutrients
  • Valerie’s two-year old crashes the podcast!
  • Wheat bran can prevent the absorption of calcium
  • Phosphorous and magnesium also help with calcium absorption
  • Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune disease that needs to be addressed
  • Going 100% gluten-free and not just low-carb is essential
  • Type 1 diabetics absolutely need to eat a ketogenic diet
  • Dr. Bruce Fife recommends coconut-based foods for ketones
  • The first food Valerie fed her latest baby was an avocado
  • She fed her earlier babies oatmeal ten years ago
  • Why she shifted her position away from the cereals to real food
  • Babies don’t even have amylase to digest rice cereal
  • How Maria’s two-year old loves sardines and scrambled eggs
  • Maria’s PALEO Protein Pudding recipe
  • Teaching your children how to shop well reading ingredients
  • Maria has low-carb versions of junk foods that kids love
  • Why Valerie doesn’t want her child to feel deprived
  • Maria says people underestimate a kid’s palate
  • The incredulity of a server offering soda to a child
  • If something doesn’t make sense, then question it
  • There are natural carbs found in avocados and tomato juice
  • It’s a low-carbohydrate diet and not a no-carb diet
  • If your body needs carbs, then it will generate it for you
  • Maria says we are depriving our bodies of the healthy fats
  • This is why women are depressed after giving birth
  • Eating a 60% fat diet helps prevent starving the brain
  • How a vegan can feed a baby to get the essential nutrients
  • The lack of iron in a vegan diet (red meat is the best source)
  • Micronutrients are important and animal-based fats are needed
  • A multivitamin can help with these deficiencies
  • Veganism is very difficult to do as a lifestyle without deficiencies
  • Listen to Denise Minger in Episode 12 of ATLCX
  • Coconut oil and almond milk give great nutrition for vegans
  • If you can eat eggs, then a vegan diet could work
  • Learning the balance of how much your child should eat
  • Children don’t drink nearly enough water
  • Make sure kids eat a higher-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet
  • When kids go through a growth spurt they can eat a lot of food
  • Why Valerie doesn’t obsess about the calories kids consume
  • Most kids won’t overeat unless they are addicted to sugar
  • Kids don’t sleep like they should and that causes metabolic issues
  • What foods are helpful for a pre-teen girl reaching puberty
  • When you crave food, your body is telling you it needs something
  • Kids can’t eat cereal unless mom buys it and brings it home
  • How to get kids to eat better using a non-food reward system
  • Maria “grew up the fat kid” and she wanted to be educated
  • Maria still loves cereal and makes a low-carb version of it
  • Why a Snicker’s bar “tastes like nothing” now
  • Take a zinc supplement to help teenagers with acne
  • A neat trick for determining if you are zinc deficient
  • You get a lot of copper through the water you drink and bathe with
  • Copper fights your body for where the zinc needs to go
  • Borage or primrose oil can help keep acne at bay
  • Valerie recommends using colloidal silver for skin issues
  • Maria says acne could be candida that needs to be addressed

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    Did you have any feedback about what Valerie Berkowitz and Maria Emmerich shared about “Low-Carb, Pregnancy & Kids?” Tell us about it in the show notes section of Episode 16. We are back next week with EPISODE 17 on June 14, 2012 with Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib from EPLifeFit taking on the topic of “All Things Exercise (Exercise 101).” If you have questions about exercise that you want Sarah and Jason to address, then go ahead and start sending those my way to AskTheLowCarbExperts@gmail.com.

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