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Ask The Low-Carb Experts (Episode 4): ‘How To Improve Cardio-Metabolic Health’ | Dr. Fred Pescatore


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In Episode 4 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we have a worthy expert guest to draw wisdom from in Dr. Fred Pescatore, M.D. who is the author of several nutritional health books, including the New York Times bestselling book The Hampton’s Diet among many others. He is a traditionally trained physician who practices nutritional medicine and is internationally recognized as a health, nutrition and weight loss expert. You may have seen him in recent months as an expert nutrition contributor on “The Rachael Ray Show” and he is currently on the editorial board of US Weekly magazine as well as a regular contributor to In Touch, First for Women and Women’s World magazines. Dr. Pescatore also has a masters degree in public health and is deeply involved in the philanthropic community devoting his time working in hospitals in Tanzania, while also helping to support organizations in the United States. Prior to opening his own medical practice, he was the Associate Medical Director of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine working closely with the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins for five years. His extensive knowledge of the role nutrition plays in improving both metabolic and cardiovascular health makes him an excellent expert to call upon to address this week’s issue of cardio-metabolic health. We were sincerely privileged to have him join us on ATLCX answering listener questions in EPISODE 4 on February 2, 2012.

Listen to Dr. Fred Pescatore on “How To Improve Cardio-Metabolic Health”:

  • What cardio-metabolic is about keeping heart and metabolism healthy
  • Why the Standard American Diet is ruining our health
  • The diabetes epidemic is a result of cardio-metabolic syndrome
  • How metabolic syndrome is impacting heart health
  • Impaired fasting blood glucose above 90 is a problem
  • Whether the Food Network celebs listen to him or not
  • Why he thinks the only reason Paula Deen announced her diabetes
  • When you deal with food, people’s lives are at stake
  • Food can kill you and food can cure you that impact health
  • What would happen if Deen came out and changed the way she eats
  • Whether chia and flax seeds have any metabolic disadvantages
  • The balance of adding healthy fats to low-sugar fruit is critical
  • Why congestive heart failure is so prevalent in modern society
  • The lack of CoQ10 and how statins deplete your body of it
  • How statin drugs are now being linked to breast cancer in women
  • When you smoke for so long, it eventually catches up to you
  • Reducing inflammation and controlling your carb intake will help
  • Why he’s jumped on the no-grain bandwagon recently
  • The nonstop TV ads on “healthy whole grains” lowering cholesterol
  • People who try to exercise without eating fat are harming themselves
  • Every study shows low-carb provides better weight loss than any other
  • How every health entity is “fighting against” low-carb
  • The “dark ages of dieting” that the low-fat diet brought on
  • Why the Scandinavian countries are seeing a low-carb explosion
  • How transparency as a governing model allows for truth to prevail
  • What steps to reverse muscle atrophy and rebuild muscle
  • Full-body weight training is the “most important thing you can do”
  • More lean muscle helps you burn more calories at rest
  • Why it is vital to “start off slowly” to build on a “foundation”
  • His new medically-assisted gym he has in his doctor’s office
  • You have to keep your mobility and flexibility going as you age
  • Why low-carb is the basis for everything in your health plan
  • Whether low-carb nutrition can help with atrial fibrillation
  • The problem with taking blood thinners and aspirin for heart health
  • How much healthier his patients are using nutritional therapy
  • Why the insurance companies don’t embrace low-carb/Paleo eating
  • The “whole system is flawed” in the realm of U.S. healthcare
  • There are more antibiotics put in cattle than in human beings
  • For people with asthma, you should eat low-carb and grain-free
  • Meat only becomes inflammatory when it is “married to carbohydrates”
  • Why low-carb is a virtual cure for inflammatory bowel disease
  • Whether athletes need to be consuming starchy carbs for recovery
  • For muscle repair, you need protein and not carbohydrates
  • When you build up glycogen stores, you may need more carbs
  • Why it is important to eat within an hour of lifting weights
  • Eating throughout the day will help weight lifters get “bigger”
  • The “big myth” of having to carb-load before a marathon
  • Whether you have to watch your salt intake with hypertension
  • Darker-skinned people are more apt to be salt-sensitive
  • Keeping arteries flexible by reducing oxidative stress
  • Sugar is sugar is sugar no matter if it is natural or not
  • If you can get rid of carbs, then you’ll be optimally healthy
  • Whether PVCs can be treated through lifestyle changes like low-carb
  • Sugar, alcohol, caffeine, stress and lacking sleep lead to PVCs
  • Why heart rhythm disturbances are treated with statins and low-fat
  • Doctors “make something up” when they prescribe what they do
  • How to lower CRP levels with food, supplements and exercise
  • The “Gym Rat” section on his web site for exercise
  • The three whole grains he thinks “aren’t that unhealthy for us”
  • Necessity of having blood tests run to see how you are doing
  • Whether you need to take niacin as long as you eat extra veggies
  • Why the no-flush niacin is virtually useless and doesn’t work
  • If niacin works, then you will feel the flushing effect
  • What somebody says to their doc who doesn’t get it on cholesterol
  • Why patients should print out information and show their doctor
  • If your doctor doesn’t respect what you want to do, fire him

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    Did you have any feedback about what Dr. Fred Pescatore shared about “How To Improve Cardio-Metabolic Health?” Make your voice heard in the show notes section of Episode 4. Get a copy of The Hamptons Diet and keep up with Dr. Pescatore at DrPescatore.com. We’re excited about what we have coming up for you in EPISODE 5 next Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 7PM ET with blogger and Primal Blueprint author Mark Sisson to cover the rather controversial topic of “Ketosis: Devil or Angel?” You can start submitting your questions for Mark Sisson by using the “Submit Your Question” form (on the right-hand side of the web site) or e-mail your name, the name of the expert you want to ask your question to in the subject line, and your question on the specific topic of discussion to AskTheLowCarbExperts@gmail.com. If you have any questions related to ketone bodies, ketosis and how it affects your health, then be sure to tune in LIVE next Thursday night to ask your question directly to Mark Sisson.

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