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Ask The Low-Carb Experts (Episode 10): ‘All Things Thyroid (Thyroid 101)’ | Chris Kresser


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In Episode 10 of “Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts,” we are pleased to welcome licensed acupuncturist and integrative medicine practitioner Chris Kresser to the podcast (who I was honored to meet in person for the first time at the PaleoFX conference in Austin, TX last week). Chris is one of the most highly-sought after voices of reason in the realm of health on the Internet today. He has personally been through the wringer with the traditional medical system as he shared with me in Episode 464 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” But that set him on a personal quest to discover more about his own health by gathering and analyzing the latest medical research data staying up-to-date on everything he could get his hands on.

There are a lot of health myths that unfortunately pervade in the realm of health and Chris regularly addresses these on his highly successful ChrisKresser.com web site and wildly-popular Revolution Health Radio podcast. One area of specific interest to him is the subject of thyroid health. Around 20 million Americans deal with some form of thyroid disease and yet it is left undiagnosed due to a variety of reasons. Yet there is a lot of confusion about thyroid conditions that we had him help bring clarity to in this episode! We appreciated having the expertise of Chris Kresser joining us on ATLCX answering listener questions about anything and everything to do with thyroid health in EPISODE 10 on March 22, 2012.

Listen to Chris Kresser on “All Things Thyroid (Thyroid 101)”:

  • What the purpose and function of the thyroid hormone is
  • Every single cell in the body has receptors for thyroid hormone
  • Thyroid hormone has profound effects on every physiological process
  • The action of the thyroid hormone is like “blowing on a fire”
  • T3 is necessary to activate the LDL receptor to deliver nutrients
  • It’s pretty hard to understate importance of the thyroid hormone
  • Hyperthyroid makes you feel like you’re “plugged into the socket”
  • About 30-40% of his patients have poor thyroid health
  • Lots of infertile couples are usually dealing with thyroid issues
  • Iodine deficiency and Hashimoto’s lead to poor thyroid function
  • The body mistakenly recognizes it’s tissue as a virus or bacteria
  • The numbers in T3 and T4 is referring to the amount of iodine
  • There’s a lot of iodine deficiency in his practice (50% of patients)
  • Excess bromide leads to the signs and symptoms of iodine deficiency
  • Bromide is in Mountain Dew, hot tubs, breads, keyboards and more!
  • He had to be careful buying a car seat for his new baby girl
  • We live in a toxic world and are exposed to stuff knowingly or not
  • You should pay attention to what you are coming into contact with
  • What dietary changes people can implement to treat thyroid issues
  • Thyroid gland is in the neck and pituitary gland excretes TSH
  • Pituitary increases thyroid stimulating hormone when thyroid is low
  • T4 is not metabolically active but is converted to the active T3
  • Thyroid panel can be normal, but conversion of T4 to T3 is impaired
  • Fasting, calorie restriction or carb restriction will cause this
  • Reverse T3 is “metabolic dead-end” blocking active T3 from forming
  • Low-carb diets tend to keep T3 levels down because lack of glucose
  • When insulin is low, there’s a decrease in conversion of T4 to T3
  • For people with insulin resistance, the same thing happens as well
  • Studies haven’t borne out thyroid function plays a role in weight
  • Trials trying to treat obesity with thyroid hasn’t been successful
  • How low-carb can be both the cause and solution to thyroid issues
  • We all have a lot of differences and avoid “blanket statements”
  • Generalizations can’t be said because of our diversity
  • There are studies that discuss the decrease in T3 on low-carb
  • The 20% carbohydrate diet in a study led to the T3 drop
  • Overfeeding in general will cause a T4 to T3 conversion
  • A study of ketogenic (2% carbs) diet showed same impaired T4 to T3
  • There may be a period of adaptation that people can adjust to
  • How significant the T4 to T3 conversion really is on health
  • His patients have hair falling out and cold hands/feet
  • When they eat more carbs, the symptoms tend to go away
  • Lower T3 levels may lead to increased longevity
  • You have to consider interplay of longevity, health and performance
  • It comes down to what your goals are and what’s important to you
  • If living a long time, then keeping T3 levels low is good
  • Which is worse–low T3 or high insulin/leptin?
  • Leptin is arguably more important than thyroid hormone
  • Eating carbohydrates will temporarily increase insulin levels
  • The “metabolically damaged” who can do well on low-fat, high-carb
  • His podcast with Chris Masterjohn about iodine and thyroid
  • The iodine skin patch test that determines iodine deficiency
  • Taking selenium with iodine will keep Hashimoto’s from flaring up
  • Adding 200mcg of selenium with high-dose iodine is necessary
  • He’s no fan of the skin patch test because it’s not very accurate
  • A 24-hour urine test and bromide test are better to conduct
  • Symptoms of hypothyroidism are “nonspecific” and could be anything
  • Experimentation to find your own “sweet spot” for nutrition
  • Learn about Chris Kresser’s Personal Paleo Code program
  • You can vary the carbohydrate intake to know what’s right for you
  • Low T3 and high reverse T3 can happen from increased stress
  • Infection, chronic infection and overtraining lead to this too
  • Inflammatory cytokines will also lower T3 and raise reverse T3
  • Use “safe starches” to increase carbohydrates to raise T3 levels
  • White rice is “pretty well tolerated” but not for everybody
  • At what point blood sugar readings will be too high for starch
  • His “trick” for knowing the accuracy of your glucometer
  • WHOOPS! (Listen in and hear what happened around 49:30)
  • Taking levothyroxine or Synthroid won’t help the T4 to T3 problems
  • Whether thyroid replacement medications can make weight loss harder
  • Which is better–natural or synthetic thyroid hormone therapy?
  • Why Armour may be a better thyroid medication for many people
  • The “binders and fillers” put into Armour that cause issues
  • Armour changed the fillers using corn starch and gluten in them
  • Whether adrenal and thyroid metabolism are interrelated
  • A Dysregulated HPA Axis problems need to be addressed first
  • When you add carbohydrates back, you must drop fat and/or protein
  • Whether Jack Kruse’s cold thermogenesis can impact thyroid function
  • Anything that improves leptin status will improve thyroid health
  • Diet modifications for people who have had a thyroidectomy
  • Removing thyroid is like “taking gum off the bottom of your shoe”
  • Long-term bone health for people with their thyroid removed
  • Poor stomach acid production is very common for low thyroid issues
  • You can get K2 from butter oil, ghee, hard cheeses and goose liver
  • Inflammation is a big cause of osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • The role that antibodies play on thyroid health
  • If you have elevated antibodies, then begin treatment immediately
  • You can’t “cure” autoimmune disease and antibodies are permanent
  • Cellular memory keeps the antibodies in your body to protect itself
  • Grave’s disease manifests in hyperthyroidism with elevated antibodies
  • Whether hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are related
  • Inflammation is the common denominator in all of these conditions
  • TSH will be suppressed if you take too high of a thyroid hormone
  • Bone loss will occur when your TSH levels are too low
  • Whether a patient should take levothyroxine without any symptoms
  • Treating a lab value like Vitamin D deficiency is important
  • Having a total cholesterol lab value of 450 should be addressed
  • Thyroid hormone levels being optimized is always best
  • TSH is the most sensitive indicator of thyroid health we have
  • TSH above 3.5 indicates there’s not enough thyroid hormone
  • Sometimes the body will correct itself without making any changes
  • Autoimmune hypopituitaryism negatively impacts the pituitary gland
  • Sex hormones are impacted when the pituitary is impaired
  • Supplementing with sex hormones helps with pituitary problems
  • How you can know when to come off medications and supplements
  • The problem with supplemental hormones has “consequences”
  • Taking exogenous hormones disrupts the internal hormone production
  • Keep a journal of how you’re feeling and come off slowly
  • If thyroid problems are related to hair thinning in women
  • Inflammation is an even more common reason for thinning hair
  • Thyroid hormone deficiency thins the outer third of your eyebrows
  • What thyroid test is needed to be run when weight loss
  • Get tests from DirectLabs.com and PrivateMDLabs.com
  • What can cause thyroid nodules and what to do about them
  • Mat Lalonde calls Chris Kresser a “dirt-worshipping hippie”

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    • Shae


      Jimmy, thanks for having Chris on!! I have really low insulin and low T3/high RT3 and it’s neat to hear they could be related…and may also explain why I’ve felt better and more energized since added more carbs!!!

      • Anonymous

        This was a highlight of my podcasting career. I’ll be exploring this T3 issue further…there’s a lot to chew on about whether that’s something to be concerned with.

    • Tlbunnell

      Thyroid elevation is the most over prescribed and mis prescribed medicine in the world today. — They hand it out like candy. — My doctor at the Mayo Clinic said HE could take that much dosage and not be adversely effected. Referring to Levothyoxine (SYNTHROID) 100 MCG Daily, and he not having anything wrong with his thyroid to begin with. I not wanting to take it after receiving a radio active iodine treatment in nuclear medicine over a year before. It was supposed to destroy my thyroid gland completely, leaving me no choice but to take the elevator the rest of my life, but I was the one in one thousand that it killed the over active part but left enough alive to function adequately. I took nothing for the first years, but then trying to treat my depression and obesity and fatigue, they wanted to put me on it. I reluctantly agreed. The Mayo Clinic founding partner was endocrinologist dating way back to the beginning. The thyroid gland regulates everything. It should not be messes with. Pig gland or no pig gland. Even the Mayo Clinic doesn’t understand. The most eminent medical people in the world. The thyroid gland should not be messed with. Ninety nine times out of a hundred it’s the stimulants that are causing the fatigue and depression and weight gain. — Sugars and carbohydrates, but they don’t know that either.

      Mine turned out to be sleep apnea that was my problem, as well as my sugar and carbohydrate addictions.

      I still take the 100 MCG but I don’t like it.

    • Bevin

      Shoot, trying to figure out which Bromide test he does and where I can order it. Do you remember?
      This interview was illuminating::) I am convinced that my hypothyroid is linked to Fresca soda, drank it for years. After listening I checked to see if it contained bromide and sure enough! Thanks Jimmy, you rule!!!

      • LLVLCBlog

        Thank you! You can contact Chris and he’ll be happy to answer.

      • Bevin: Hakala Labs does a urine bromide test.  I think you have to be a practitioner to order through them, but perhaps you can call them and ask.