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Aren’t You Going To Respond To The Negative Attacks Against You?

Now that I’m beginning my eighth consecutive year of low-carb blogging, I wanted to address an important and often contentious issue that perhaps many of you my readers have no idea is happening. It’s not usually anything you see out in the open if you’re just a casual online reader who is simply trying to stay on top of what’s happening with the latest diet, fitness and nutritional health information on the Internet hopping around from blog to blog. But for those of us who are deep in the trenches and put ourselves out there on a daily basis for the world to see and interact with us, there’s much more going on behind-the-scenes than you may even realize. Some people have caught on to it and have been writing me e-mails with increasing frequency basically asking me this simple question: “Aren’t you going to respond to the negative attacks against you?”

I actually wrote about this particular subject in LESSON #14 of my 2009 book 21 Life Lessons From Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb: How The Healthy Low-Carb Lifestyle Changed Everything I Thought I Knew in a chapter titled “If you put yourself out there on the Internet, people will judge you.” The original title was actually going to be “If you put yourself out there on the Internet, people will hate you” but my editor said using the word “hate” was rather strong and decided “judge” was more appropriate. But in reality, hate is probably putting it nicely. Over the years I have seen seen some of the ugliest, most vile, crude personal attacks against me, my wife and many of my fellow low-carb blogging friends in the comments section of my blog and podcasts, on my YouTube videos, on the social networking sites, at my forum and even direct e-mails. In fact, entire blogs have been created to “expose” me as a big fat fraud, outright liar, money-grubbing shyster who is only looking for fame and fortune by fooling people into embracing low-carb living. They’ve resorted to posting some really horrible comments about me all over the Internet in an effort to reveal to others that I am not who I say I am. What’s interesting is that it’s not all vegans and vegetarians either–some of these comments are from people who eat low-carb and Paleo themselves! What’s up with that?

Anybody who knows me in real life realizes how incredibly silly those characterizations are because I try to live my life as authentically and honestly as I possibly can with unprecedented transparency for a blog about weight loss and health. And lemme tell you, there are a lot better ways I could go about to get fame and fortune than what I’m currently doing if that was my primary goal for doing what I do. What really motivates me to keep doing all that I do is the opportunity to encourage others in their own health journey, to provide inspiration to them in the midst of their struggles, and to offer up valuable information that could positively impact their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. I work upwards of 70-80 hours a week with all that I do and I personally respond to 400+ e-mails daily without ever asking for a single dime of money in return. In fact, all of the information I provide (except for what is in my books) is available to the public 100% absolutely FREE. It doesn’t cost you a single penny because it deserves to be out there as my way of paying it forward to those who desperately need the life-changing message that livin’ la vida low-carb has to offer them! I consider all of this a labor of love.

Sometimes people will be critical of the fact that I make a living blogging, podcasting and working online. Perhaps it stems from jealousy from those who haven’t been able to do this as a full-time career and they’re mad that I’ve been able to figure it out. And while I have some really fantastic companies who advertise products and services on my web sites to help me keep this thing going, I’m by no means getting rich doing this nor do I really care to be. But here’s some interesting food for thought:

If a mere 10 percent of the people who read my blog, listen to my podcasts, watch my YouTube videos, frequent my forum and all the other places where I post information online would just donate $1 to me through PayPal per year, then I’d NEVER have to look for sponsors to support my work.

Pretty amazing, huh? Seriously, that small amount of donations would give me the necessary income to sustain what I do, pay my bills and still have enough money to take care of everything else I need. The stark reality is that 99.99% of those who have been exposed to my work have never contributed a single red cent to help me continue to bring the kind of quality information to you every week. I understand some people have financial challenges that prevent them from giving even a dollar and I totally understand that–but others could. I’m grateful to everyone who sows a financial seed into the work of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” and your generosity does not go unnoticed by me. THANK YOU!

Whether you realize it or not, I work some pretty insane hours pumping out the material that is provided here on a daily basis. From the time I get up in the morning sometimes as early as 5:00AM until as late as 8:00PM I am scouring the Internet for the latest health information, checking hundreds of e-mails and personally responding directly to them all, lining up brand new guests for my podcast, interviewing and recording audio for my various shows, talking to fellow bloggers and potential bloggers offering up my advice to them, updating Facebook, Twitter and other social media with fresh content, preparing material for brand new books…and so much more! It’s a busy day and I’m the first to say how much I LOVE IT! These past few years have been so gratifying to me because I’m able to enjoy my “job” because it doesn’t feel a bit in the world like work. It’s just what I do now and I have no plans to ever stop doing it no matter how much hateful criticism I receive.

Wanna see a representative sample of what I’m talking about? Some of this may be shocking to those of you who don’t have a blog or haven’t been exposed to a large audience. If you start receiving this kind of response, then congratulations–you’ve arrived! Check this out (I’ll give you a few moments to pick your jaw up off the floor):

And even as I was writing this blog post, this came in on Twitter:

I guess these people have an expectation that if they write a comment like this on my blog, Facebook wall or Twitter page, at a YouTube video, on my forum or elsewhere online that I have a duty to publish it. I do not. I tend to agree with the famous blogger Tim Ferriss from “The Four-Hour Workweek” blog and his doctrine of it being okay to disagree with the ideas I share on my blog. But once you cross the line into personal attacks against me or others, there is no expectation that your comment will ever see the light of day. DELETE! I’m more than happy to entertain lively debate and discussion of the topics I blog about (that’s what a blog is for, right?). But if you decide to write some of the kind of stuff I shared above, it’s a guaranteed way your comments will never be approved. I have no problem blocking these kind of unproductive, demeaning comments from ever seeing the light of day. If you can’t be positive or at the very least show common decency in a public forum, then you don’t deserve to be heard. It’s pretty easy to disagree without being disagreeable and at the same time be encouraging even in the midst of criticism. Some people have yet to master this fine art of comment decorum.

These sample comments I shared above are only a few of the ones I’ve received just over the past week. The fact of the matter is I pretty much get stuff like this on a daily basis now and have been for much of the past year or so. Beginning a couple of years after I started blogging I was receiving this kind of feedback about once a month, then every few weeks, then once a week, and lately every single day. Although it was a bit startling at first to hear such negativity about me personally from people I’ve never even met, I soon found these to be incredibly funny. The depth of passionate disgust put on full display from faceless, nameless people who wouldn’t have a clue about what my life is all about is rather comical when you stop and think about it. They’re all up in arms over someone who’s blogging…about food…and his diet…these people must not have a life if I am the bane of their entire existence!

And it’s not like I’ve hidden from my struggles over the years. Regular readers of this blog will be the first to tell you I’ve been very open and honest about my weight gain that has me currently at 300 pounds (sharing most recently about it in this blog post). It seems I’m in a knockdown, drag out battle with my body from the over three decades of poor high-carb eating I put it through that even the past 8 years of healthy low-carb living can’t undo some of the damage that’s been done. I’m thankful that low-carb has helped me preserve my health as well as it has and prevented me from following my brother Kevin to an early grave at the age of 41 four years ago (I’m 40 now, so this hits close to home). I’m by no means giving up, but getting these hormonal/metabolic issues under control is going to take a lot more than just simply cutting carbs (improving my sleep, lowering stress, normalizing hormone levels, exercising properly, and more are all key parts of the equation).

All of this is a part of my journey to better health and I’ll continue to share what I learn along the way. My readers understand I’m not perfect nor do I think many of you expect me to be a muscular, thin man. It’s probably not in the cards for me no matter how hard I work at it. And quite frankly I’m just not interested in forcing weight loss to happen at the cost of my incredible health markers, including high HDL, low triglycerides and a heart scan score of zero. I will figure out what’s right for me by continuing to pursue it daily! Nobody is forcing anyone to read this blog. If there’s nothing here that interests you, then feel free to move on to other blogs that do (I’ve never understood why anyone feels compelled to keep reading something they think is of poor quality or irrelevant). There’s plenty of them out there featuring writers who have six-pack abs, a size 28-inch waist, muscles popping out of every area of their body and more! If that’s what you’re looking for, then my blog is not for you.

I’ve been pondering this issue with the negative attacks a lot over the past few months and then it dawned on me–people who resort to these kind of negative attacks are probably people who are hurting themselves in some form or fashion. They’re likely experiencing their own feelings of doubt, insecurity and pain from something that happened in their past that causes them to project those feelings of anger, resentment and heartache on the closest target they can find. Since my life is pretty much an open book here at my blog and on my podcasts where I share all the ups, downs and in-betweens of my personal low-carb journey, I suppose people see me as an easy target for hurling insults in an effort to make themselves feel better about their own situation.

I’ve done this long enough now that I rarely take anything that’s said about me online seriously because most of the time that anger has very little at all to do with me and more to do with what’s going on with that person. There was a great book I read several years ago on this called HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE: Getting a Grip on Anger by Chester W. Wood who used his experience in law enforcement and as a youth pastor to develop Biblical strategies for helping people work through their anger issues. It’s a powerful resource explaining much of what oftentimes happens online when there is no accountability for what is said about others. Knowing that God can heal the hurts in those who criticize, I regularly pray for them to find peace, love and joy in their own lives to conquer the negativity that pervades everything they do.

So, the answer to the question I used as the title of this blog post is a resounding no. I’d much rather spend my time educating, encouraging and inspiring the majority of those who do love and appreciate the work I do than to be drug down, beaten and discouraged my a minuscule minority who have made it their mission in life to be a perpetual thorn in my flesh. The haters will always be with us…but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with their antics. If you can’t spread a positive and encouraging message in your online communications, then I really don’t have any interest in engaging or promoting you in any way. People are already hurting enough in their day-to-day interactions at work and home and don’t deserve to be exposed to this kind of foolish nonsense on the Internet. My tactic is to ignore this stuff and shine a light on those who are doing good. In the end, the world is a much better place if we all tune out the naysayers and thus lessen their impact.

  • That was terrific, Jimmy. Very well written. I am glad you addressed the topic. One of the things I noticed was a few of your haters (in the snippets of comments you posted) can’t tell the difference between “you’re” and “your”. So, they’re ignorant by default. ūüôā

  • Me and Jorge – Amber

    Jimmy thanks so much for sharing this! As a blogger myself it can be hard to hear some of the “feedback” and some of it can be hurtful. The Paleo crowd in particular seems to be a little rough to me. But this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine… ūüôā

  • Mary Anne Wise

    Jimmy I just want to give you a big hug. ¬† I have been listening to your podcasts and following you and have found you to always be a gentleman and an all around great guy. ¬†I’m glad you choose to do what you do despite the haters. ¬†

  • fabshelly

    Let the haters hate; you’re a hard worker and a good guy.¬†

  • Jimmy don’t stop.¬† You don’t know what a difference you have made in my life.¬† In addition, because of you I am helping others.¬† I cite your story to at least one or two patients a week to read you story and give them inspiration.
    I recently had my opinions attacked on a common blog.¬† I chose not to respond because the person accusing me of spewing bs was posting under the name “Anonymous.”¬† Why should I respond to that?¬† Concentrate on the people who listen¬† that is where a positive impact is made.¬† Your story is life changing and HELPS people.

  • Dude, there have definitely been times you’ve said or done things I’ve disagreed with. ¬†I’ll be the first to admit that some of my disagreement comes from my own personal life experience and baggage. ¬†But I have NEVER judged you just because you’re not normal BMI, and I’d certainly never call you names over it–and I would share what I think of people who do judge you in that way, but I suspect your language standards are a bit stricter here than they are at my blog! ¬†ūüėõ

    So many who get into Paleo and ancestral health are folks who have ten, twenty, thirty pounds to lose, if that–a lot of them aren’t even overweight, they’re just trying to get into better physical condition (not the same as being slender). ¬†They have NO idea what it is to go around with a broken metabolism.

    I’m sure there are idiots out there who judge me too. ¬†But you know what? ¬†I’ve lost around fifty pounds, and you couldn’t tell that by looking at me. ¬†And back when I was slender, years and years ago, I was going nuts on pasta and drinking gallons of soda every week. ¬†And was much less mentally stable than I am now. ¬†There’s more than one way to be unhealthy.

    Adding to the hugs… Haters gonna hate. ¬†That’s their problem.

  • As always, very well said. I have never understood the reason behind people attacking so viciously and on such a personal level when they know nothing about the person they are attacking. They need to get over themselves. As you said, if they don’t find what they are looking for in this blog, they are more than welcome to leave the site, never to return. Instead, it appears as if a number of them will return time and time again to seek anything that they can tear apart. The ones who are writing the paleo and ancestral blogs should be happy you give a nod to them because people become interested in learning more which can lead people to their sites. Health wise, a low carb/reduced carb eating plan is a much healthier one. If diet and exercise alone really did make us all become thinner, then there would not be many of us fat, overweight, obese, morbidly obese people walking around since most of us have gone on diet after diet, followed program after program, done almost everything we can to lose weight because most people do not want to be fat. It is rarely, especially in the beginning, that we get like this just because we are lazy. The problem is, many of us have underlying conditions that make it more difficult to lose. Add to that, the larger you get, the harder it is to move around and exercise. For a large number of people, the problems unbalanced hormones, sensitivities to environmental factors and the release of chemicals and extra hormones into our bodies as we do lose fat and it releases what was stored inside. Add to that, conventional doctors/medicine prefer to add even more chemicals to our bodies rather than treat our conditions with diet and other alternative methods. It’s up to each of us to figure out what we need and then how to get it. Another problem is even when we find what might make things better for us, it can be expensive and there will always be people around telling us how wrong we are, even when their way is no better or even worse. We are glad you provide so much information for us and even share your struggles with us. Not everyone is so honest about it.

    • Mary Michela

      Lynn, so very well said. Your post made me tear up because it addresses so many of the issues I face. The last three times I too up some form of exercise I suffered stress fractures in my feet, and had to stop, heal, gain weight while that happened, only to have it happen again.

      Another good point above…other is more than one way to be healthy. Good hdl/ldl, blood glucose, cholesterol, etc comes as a result of low carn, even when weight loss eludes us.

      Jimmy, I love ya! Ignore the haters!

  • Tracey of Good Life Menus

    You have such a good perspective on this, Jimmy! And you know, I’m really sad with you that your system has been so broken, but as you struggle to figure it out and keep that struggle public, those of us who aren’t haters are learning right along with you!

  • Kwebb4992

    Gosh, people love to dis other people. ¬†I believe people are waiting for lowcarbers to fail. ¬†By their standards it’s regaining weight, which shows they know little of actual low carb living. ¬†Jackie Eberstein said in your very first podcast that the scale is the last marker of success. ¬†You are a miracle, a gift to us via your compassion for getting the word out. ¬†Stress is a difficult situation, I know myself, being in the entertainment business, and lack of sleep under deadline. ¬†We have to learn how to live with the path we have chosen, or the path that chose us. ¬†You are awesome, thank you for all that you do. ¬†I know in time, you will find the answers you seek. ¬†You are so right that metabolism and body issues can attack our spirits but don’t listen to the naysayers who only have foolish nonsense to gain their bad wisdom from. ¬†Ignorance is bliss said my mother…..Please keep doing what you are doing…..All is well, no worries. ¬†Much love and hugs,

  • Dave aka campcook

    Hang in there, Jimmy. We love your work.

  • It’s a crazy world out there, Jimmy. Sadly, it’s ugly and getting uglier. A good friend of mine once said, “The good news is that the internet is the great democratizer. And the really bad news is that the internet is the great democratizer.” It has given a megaphone to a lot of people and a lot of attitudes that the world would probably be better off never having heard from (including me, every once in awhile! LOL). All I can say is that your program and your work helped me lose 60 pounds in 4-5 months last year. It’s true…I’ve gained back 15. It’s also true that, after hitting a plateau that lasted 6 months…I’m trying some different things now to see what will take me to the next level. But your show got me a great start and keeps me thinking that it’s worth trying to fight the fight. Hang in there, my friend!

  • Spencer Nadolsky

    people are just downright mean. You are the man and as a physician, I truly appreciate the passion you have for health. 

  • Angie Schuman

    IMHO, I think anyone who says those disparaging things to you probably has NEVER had to struggle with their weight. ¬†I have a vast knowledge of the hows and whys low carb works and KNOW I look AND feel better when I do it…but sometimes LIFE happens and unlike those who are judging you, those who have walked in your shoes understand. ¬†I am there myself. I lost 30 pounds last spring and was feeling great~then one birthday party with cake led to one night of pizza which led to etc, etc, etc and here I am, having gained back 20 of those pounds! ¬†Is is because low carb doesn’t work? NO! Is it because I don’t have will power or even worse, am just a failure at life?? ABSOLUTELY NOT! ¬†I am human, not a size 10 and probably never will be~~but I love God and he has blessed me with SO much~if I had to stay this weight for the rest of my life, I have MANY more things to be happy about than my weight “problem” ¬†I THANK you for what you do and have followed you off and on throughout they years. ¬†I appreciate your struggles and your honestly about them, all the while STILL ENCOURAGING everyone else NOT TO GIVE UP!!! ¬†THANK YOU for being there for me ūüôā ¬†You DO make a difference and genuinely help people…and THAT is what is important
    Matthew 7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

  • Hear, hear, HEAR!!!!!!!¬† People resort to ad hominem attacks when they have nothing better to say (or, apparently, do).¬† You KNOW you are helping people along the road to health all day every day!¬† Love that book title — so true!!

  • Julie Mertens

    Jimmy, keep on going, you are WONDERFUL!¬† I have been listening to your podcasts for about 4 months now, and find them so insightful, thoughtful and well done.¬† Plus, it’s easy to see that you are a kind, compassionate person.¬† Don’t let them get you down.¬† There will always be negative, hate-filled people ready to pounce, especially in this cyber-world of annonimity.¬† You have been a real inspiration to me, and a thoughtful, reasonable voice as you share your health journey with us.¬† People’s intolerance of others’ ideas and viewpoints seems to be getting worse in our culture.¬† We are all adults and can make up our own minds about how we choose to live our lives, and it’s pitiful to read some of those nasty, destructive things.¬† Just don’t be discouraged, there are plenty of people out here who really appreciate your hard work and dedication.¬†

  • Melanie

    My husband says social media sites bring out the junior high in people.  It amazes me that people could be that rude to you.  You have a great attitude about it.  Keep fighting the fight!

  • Jimmy, you have come so far and have gained not only an audience, but you have gained respect,you put yourself out there, and you go with the flow. I thank you so much for sharing your low carb lifestyle, you are one of kind, a good person who taught me so much, and still learning-keep going strong! -Bonnie

  • Matwolfe

    Hey, Jimmy, ¬†Water seeks it’s own level. ¬†At the end of the day you’ll have more people you helped, and made laugh, and made think, and who appreciate you than you will the unhappy who spend their time trolling and dishing out personal insults.

  • I am constantly amazed at the negativity and rudeness of some people.¬† I have recently started listening to your podcasts, read about you on Facebook and read your blog when I can.¬† I have made it my mission to pass on the message.¬† I do recommend low-carb to my friends and stress that they do what’s best for their bodies.¬† Too many people don’t realize that not every one benefits from the same diet and exercise program.¬† That’s what I like about you Jimmy.¬† You listen and take into account what others say-you don’t try to cut them off.
    Please keep up the good fight.  You are taking the high road and I admire that.

  • Lmimi67

    Jimmy — your podcasts have changed my life, I drive for a living and listen to your podcasts and all the experts you take the time to bring us. A year ago I had 23 cysts in my breast and a year later, after learning how to eat and be healthy – by listening to people like you, they are either gone or shrinking, I’ve lost 30 pounds and I am the healthiest I’ve ever been. You rock! and I thank YOU!

  • Forget the haters Jimmy! Thanks for seven years (and counting) of thought-provoking insights on nutriton and health!

  • Jose Lozada

    Hi! ¬†Unfortunately, the degree of anonymity provided by the internet leads to people feeling completely free of manners, common courtesy, and consideration for others’ feelings and dignity. ¬†They say stuff they would never have the guts to say face to face. ¬†But other than cruel and cowardly, your attackers are basically unhappy people. ¬†If they feel they need to attack you, the problem is theirs. ¬†Ignore them, and keep up the good work. ¬†The information you provide is invaluable, and your enthusiasm is contagious!

  • Lynn

    Jimmy, what would we do without you? YOu bring so much information, from real people…you allow us all to listen and then to find out what works for us.You podcasts are like weekly ancestral health symposiums.¬† I am my own guinea pig. Some days when I hear your podcasts or listen to your blog, something clicks that I had not known or thought of before.¬† My heart palpitations have stopped, my blood pressure is normal, my weight is very gradually coming down,. But the blood tests are getting better each time. I used to be so sick that all I could do was sit on the couch with coffee for a few hours after I woke up hoping my headache was going to go away…and eating things that were causing the inflammation! Where do I sign up to donate?¬† Love to¬† you and yours!

  • mem

    What virtually no one directs any attention to or emphasis on, is the fact that you lost at least 100lbs and have kept it off. ¬†Precious few ppl anywhere, lose and KEEP OFF 100lbs. Period. You were a super-obese person who lost 100lbs and kept it off. That’s what I see. Anyone who hasn’t done it, who hasn’t been there, has noooooooooooo idea of what that takes, at any weight, other than a very few bloggers like Dr. Sharma and others like Dr. Lustig and Dr. Barbara Barkley and Dr. Y. Freehof, and other big-loss maintainers. I may have missed some, but those who *really* get it, outside of those of us who have done it, are extraordinarily rare. What you are dealing with here is a self righteousness born of staggering ignorance combined with yes, jealousy that you have received attention for your work in the weight-loss community that is the result of *all* of your efforts.

    Press on, Jimmy.

  • Jimmy just read this post and I am sending lots of love and hugs to you !!!! ¬†Just know that you have helped me a lot we need people who are working on their health and not giving up! ¬†I am dealing with thyroid issues after losing 100lbs and though I haven’t gained, I understand the frustration when your body stops cooperating. ¬†Hang in there and keep up the amazing work! *hugs*

  • Everywhere in this world, there are people who choose to offer love and inspiration, and people who¬†prefer to hate, no matter what.¬† The haters have their reasons, I’m sure, but it’s a choice – you can choose to live a life¬†filled with¬†hatred and meanness, or you can choose to be happy and loving.¬† I’m glad you¬†are making the choice to be happy, loving, positive AND courageous.¬† Jimmy, your attitude and generosity makes the world a better place.¬†¬†It’s important to remember that love will ALWAYS triumph over hate, even when it seems that hatred is all around.¬† All we have to do is choose love instead.

  • Jimmy I first heard about you from Dr. Eric Westman back in 2009. He told me you were a great source of information and had some great resources posted on your blog. Both my husband Jim and I have followed on You Tube, blogs and posts. Your passion for health and giving your listeners/readers the opportunity to hear from the experts has been an extraordinary gift for ordinary folks like us who live the low carb lifesyle. We became fans and have¬†benefited¬†from your incredible line ups of fantastic speakers on Low Carb Cruises 2010 and 2011. I always refer friends that are new to low carb to your site first. I respect your insights and can honestly say that you and your lovely wife Christine are the read deal. Keep on giving great interviews and keeping us up to date with the latest research!

  • June kamerling

    Thanks for posting this Jimmy. There will always be people looking to tear others down. Those people, as you said, have their own pain, unhappiness and anger and have to project it onto others.¬† They can’t disagree with you by having an intelligent discussion, they have to attack you. It would be hard for me to read these kind of posts. Keep doing what you’re doing. You obviously have helped many and have many followers in Paleo and Low Carb. I wish you the best always.

  • Jimmy, you should be proud of your work, your passion and commitment. ¬†I agree with many of the comments that people can learn more from those that struggle with their weight, health and lifestyle choices and the resulting metabolic challenges and struggles than they can from those that are in their mid-twenties athletic and out of touch. ¬†

    Keep up the great work and passion! ¬†Haters will always hate…they’re like heat seeking missles, they lock onto one target after the next – all without any credibility, credence or validity. ¬†They only seek to destroy as a back handed way of building their egos. ¬†They have no desire to help others or leave a legacy in the world.

    You on the other hand should be proud.  Your work and your message has helped countless people!  Its clear that you desire to help as many people as you can in such a selfless manner.  Keep it up brother!


  • NoraGedgaudas

    Hey Jimmy–Over the last few years that I have gotten to know you I have come to both respect and adore you as the class act and decent human being you are.¬† You provide a genuine service to those looking for valuable information and you always go out of your way to be fair, balanced and even-handed.¬† Personally, I know you as a genuinely kind, passionate and thoughtful person, deserving of only positive regard.¬† You said: ¬† “If you can‚Äôt be positive or at the very least show common decency in a public forum, then you don‚Äôt deserve to be heard.”¬† I say: “Bravo!”¬† You certainly set a positive and healthy example, in this regard, quite a few out there could–and should–learn from.¬† Writing this took courage, my friend. I’m sure it was also a bit cathartic.¬†

    A lot of people out there feel powerless in their lives and attempt to claim a feeling of power by diminishing others.¬† It also seems like a drug for some that seem to get a sort of rush from spewing hostility and negativity.¬† If it wasn’t at you it would be at someone else-and assuredly is with these types.¬† Insecurity breeds this sort of thing.¬† We all need to be careful of displacing and/or projecting our own internal “stuff” on others and aware of the damaging impact it has on individuals and even whole communities.

    Although Wayne Dyer isn’t necessarily my favorite person out there to quote, he does have at least one good one:¬†

    “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

    Much love to you, my friend–¬† Nora

    • Kathy

      I like what you had to say.  And I agree, that some people like to put others down to make themselves feel better and that it is due to their own insecurities.

  • Abe Lincoln said that if he responded to all the criticism against him, he’d never get anything else done.

    I think some of these haters need less intermittent fasting and more saturated fat.

  • Hi Jimmy,
    Great site. May I suggest you read the book The Carb Nite Solution, by John Kiefer. He would also be a great interview for your podcast. A cyclic, ultra-low carb diet may be what you need to continue to burn off the fat.

  • Jimmy, after listening to your podcast for the past seven years, I feel like I have three college degrees now! Your efforts have helped me to understand how incredibly complex my metabolic problems are to deal with, and that it is possible to heal or at least improve them. Don’t ever let those silly trolls with no lives discourage you from what you do. New people every day find the help and inspiration they need to change their lives from your blog. It always amazes me to see how people want to see us fail in order to point their fingers and call us failures. They have no clue what it is like to struggle with such stubborn metabolic issues like we have. It’s discouraging when you are doing everything right and yet your body isn’t responding. That’s when I remember that I’m not alone in the fight, and I find the strength not to give up because I know I can come to your blog or turn on your podcast and find hope. Remember that you have many, many people out here that appreciate everything you do. Thank you for that and never give up!

  • Really Jimmy quit whining. You talk the talk but have been failing when it comes to “walking the walk”. Reach down, grab a pair and start “walking the walk”‚Ķloose the weight‚Ķman up and you will get respect not sympathy. Its really pretty simple.¬†

    • Tracey of Good Life Menus

      So is Jimmy supposed to take thousands of responses just like yours, daily, for years, and if he responds *once* that’s whining? How about you grow some maturity?

    • Muzikgirl

      Wow! How insensitive can you be! It’s people like you that make this world a harder place to live in. You don’t know what Jimmy has been dealing with. You don’t really know him. If our did, you woukdn’t say crap like that. Thank you for making Jimmy’s point. You’re jut one of the haters…

    • Julie Anderson

      It’s LOSE, not LOOSE!¬†¬† Mwahuahua!!!!

    • Sam Knox

      If you had a pair, you wouldn’t post anonymously.

    • PJ

      Seriously?!¬† What an idiotic jerk.¬† Just had to stick your two cents in here, didn’t you?¬† (BTW, nothing will¬†destroy credibility¬†during a rant than poor English.)¬† You could certainly have kept this one¬†to yourself.

    • Anu

      Jimmy has lost weight — more than a 100 lbs! It’s obvious that his diet is working for him. Three decades of poor eating aren’t going to be erased suddenly by going low-carb — you have to judge how well someone does in a race by where they started from! Your criticism is unfair (as well as poorly worded).¬†

  • Adam Kosloff

    Jimmy, when I read those comments about you, I felt really sad and frustrated. Please tune out those voices and listen instead to the grateful and gracious chorus of people who’ve already written in about this post. How many thousands of people are healthier, trimmer and destined to live longer lives because of the work that you, personally, have done? It’s a great honor and a worthy fight! Keep rocking the casbah…

  • Clair Schwan

    Sometimes people throw tomatoes because they’re cowards and that’s what they’re capable of. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

  • Preethnazareth

    Jimmy, ‘when someone crticizes you, that means you are doing extremely well’ Pat on your back!¬†

  • Mtuemler

    Jimmy, you rock my world. Nuf said!

  • fritz cloninger

    I remember when I met you in NYC you mentioned that you were around 300 pounds in high school (at least I think you said something like that). I thought about that a bit and remembered how much I ate when I was that age. I ate ridiculous amounts of food. 3 or 4 peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch plus whatever else I could get my hands on. My point being that I am sure I ate as much or more than you did at that age, yet I only weighed around 160 pounds and you were over 300. Obviously you were born with some unfortunate genetics. Anyone attacking you for your size is either operating with the wrong information in their head or a complete jerk. Or both.

  • Sorry you have to have put up with so much nonsense! Thanks for standing strong and absorbing the blows so that the truth bombs can continue to fall. We’re with you, sir. Pax Christi!

  • Blooney725

    What if there are no answers? What if we’re all fighting an uphill battle we’ll never win? What if there is no magic diet or pill or surgery? The causes of obesity are complex and for now………a mystery. Scientists and drug companies are working hard to unlock the mystery and find the answer. **sigh**…………Remember the old days when we sat down to eat whatever mom cooked from scratch and most everyone was normal sized? Remember when meals had a beginning and an end and we went out to play. There were no snacks and no eating after supper. Nobody obsessed about diets and food. Now, every cover of every magazine touts the latest craze for how to be thin and we all fall for it. Sometimes we just have to say, “I don’t know but I am trying as hard as I can and sharing what I learn along the way.” Keep trying Jimmy and don’t worry about the naysayers because their are either (1) Blessed with good genes and a healthy metabolism or (2) Just biding time till the scales turn on them too and they regain what they’ve lost on whatever magical diet they’ve touted. Don’t thow stones people. We’re all in this glass house you know..

  • You’ve done more to educate people about healthy eating than anyone I know.¬† The quote from Lincoln was spot-on.¬† Don’t waste your time with these people.¬† They can’t be convinced anyway.

    • Liane

      Tom I totally agree with you. Jimmy has changed more lives than any other person I know, primarily due to his ability to interview a huge range of experts. He exposes we the listeners to all sides and from there we can chose our next steps. Personally I started out on the South Beach Diet, transitted to Primal, then Paleo, and now I am centering on a more balanced diet along the lines of WAP. I would not have found the experts to figure out my wheat intolerance without the Eades, how to fix my GERD without Chris Kresser, how to not be a dogmatic food with the common sense approach of Kurt Harris and Mat Lalonde, how to enjoy a good margarita without Robb Wolf, and how to turn a big chunk of top sirloin into amazing deli beef without Mark Sisson. I am ever grateful for you, for Jimmy, and for all the amazing guests he has.

  • Allison

    Hi Jimmy,

    I’ll just echo what everyone else here has said, you’re a class act. And, we’re all so grateful to you for what you do. You are a light in a dark world for so many people.

    I didn’t even know that donating to Livin’ La Vida Low Carb was possible. I just made a donation. The information you provide is worth paying for.

    Hang in there, and keep on truckin’,

  • Hear hear!! I ‘heart’ you, Jimmy!

  • Kathy

    Jimmy, I applaud you for your enthusiam and passion for low carb and all you have done here with the blogging, podcasts, youtube vids, etc.¬†over the years.¬† I think it’s wonderful.¬† Your enthusiam can sometimes lift other people up when they have fallen.¬† I struggle w/metabolic issues too and I know it’s not easy.¬† Some people give up, but you haven’t.¬† I absoulutely do believe you are walking the walk and talking the talk.¬†

  • Bonnie

    I love this blog.  I look forward to each new post.  The
    world has no shortage of people eager to attack anyone who doesn’t
    agree with them.¬† I don’t even know you Jimmy, but I know how you warm
    my heart and keep me interested in learning.  The hateful people never
    have that impact on me.  Bless you and your family.  Follow you passion
    and let God deal with those who persecute you.

  • Pamela

    Although I know this wasn’t meant as any kind of plea for funding, I felt so bad about myself after reading this that I went to PayPal to help support you ūüôā Like they say ‘Haters gonna hate’ – So glad you aren’t letting it get you down. Your followers love you and that’s all that matters! I myself struggle with the up and down due to hormonal and metabolism issues, so I can totally relate. I really appreciate what you do, and want to thank you so much for it. Keep on keeping on!

    • Jen

      ¬†Ditto Pamela. I felt ashamed of myself for not having done it sooner as I have and continue to rely on all of the information I get from Jimmy’s blogs, forums and podcasts to keep myself on track…and get back on when I’ve fallen of (like now).¬†

      Thank you Jimmy.

  • BeLive

    Jimmy, your class in handling ignorant people is a testament to your class and dedication. Just remember, if you made a difference in just one person’s life then it was all worth it. Although I have a feeling that you have helped many, many people – me included.¬†

  • Sandragoff

    Jimmy you are a blessing to so many. These negative haters do not have God’s blessing. They are blinded and are behaving as the world does, with evil in their heart. As a Christian, we will all be persecuted one way or an other. I’m just so sorry that these evil people have to stoop so low and say such hateful things about something they know little about, obviously, and about you, who they do not know personally.¬† You have helped so many and they are jealous because it hasn’t been done their way.¬† They are also frightened of the unknown because they have been trained to do things a different way and can’t think for themselves. They are blinded and sowing seeds of evil and will be rewarded accordingly.¬† Be strong an courageous my friend (Joshua 1:9) and keep on doing what you are doing until God tells you otherwise. You are a lamp among us, keep on shinning your light, Jimmy. All things happen for a reason (Romans 8:28) and if God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31). You will be in my prayers.

  • Lucy

    Jimmy, I just hit your “Donate” button to make my appreciation of your work tangible. Never doubt that you are helping people.¬†

  • SpaceVegetable

    Wow! It’s amazing how hateful people can be behind the anonymity of the internet. I’m glad you don’t take it seriously. People who can hurl crap like that aren’t worthy of the time it would take to respond anyway.

  • Gehri


    You will always be a hero to me. The information I found in your blogs, forums, and a lifetime supply of pod casts literally saved my life. Keep up the good work.

  • Zoe Harcombe

    Hi Jimmy – my hubby told me about this post and I thought he was kidding me. Who could say nasty things about our Jimmy?! You have shared your journey, as an ongoing human experiment, with humour, humility, insight and the most incredible willpower and dedication I have ever seen! All to help others and to challenge the current dietary advice that is doing anything but. You speak at conferences, you have been one of our reps on the USDA panel, you bring like (and unlike) people together to debate big issues. You are one of the world’s great facilitators and nicest people.

    The only quote from Margaret Thatchers I find myself sharing on occasions is this: “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” Anyone attacking you in person has run out of anything else to attack in the important things that you say and that says everything about their ignorance and nasty nature not your knowledge and charm.

    You mention Tim Ferris – have you seen this great blog of his? http://mashable.com/2010/04/29/deal-with-haters-tim-ferriss/ Every single word is wise and true.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and do it for those of us who appreciate you (and contribute ;-)) – not for those who are not worthy.
    Very best wishes – Zoe (& Andy) xx

  • You have got it right.¬† Don’t waste a second on the haters.

  • Danbrown2

    Powerful piece, Jimmy. I’ve gained back some weight too, but I love my lipids and the way I feel….and I’m a seeker, like you: Looking for the answers and working to help others. Keep going, guy. You have our support, and I can’t wait until I get enough readers of my blog “The Nutrition Debate” (sorry, I couldn’t help it)¬†to get a taste of some of your hate mail myself. As you say, when I do I’ll know I have arrived.

  • Kelly Mahoney

    You are getting a lot of positive feedback, so let me add a more neutral response. While it is possible that, as you said, after 30 years of high refined carb eating your body is nearly irreversibly damaged,¬†I think it is just as likely that a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet is not optimal for health gain¬†and weight loss. Maybe a diet high in natural carbs in place of the meat would produce more positive results? Consider Al Sharpton, who after a lifetime of “eating chicken 3x per day”, lost over 100 lbs later in life by substituting meat (except fish) with salads. Why not try a N=1 experiment for 30 days leaning towards a gatherer diet and away from a hunter diet?

  • Feinman

    Just letting you know you have appreciation and support even from the curmudgeon professors. On the other hand, I use to get abuse from Colpo who described me as “oft cited.” In academe, of course, that’s a good thing but the main person who cited me was Colpo. He has since,like guys you show, turned to abusing Mike Eades and you. Where’s my abuse? Sure, what do you guys care, getting all the abuse. RDF

  • Zealous Girl

    I had a giggle about the your/you’re!!¬†
    It must be hard not to take some of the mean comments to heart. Good on you for staying positive and for praying for your adversaries.
    And please keep up the great work, most of us out there WANT to read what you’re saying and listen to your pod casts. I can’t for the life of me work out why the negative people are even listening/reading if they disagree so much.¬†
    Zealous Girl from NZ 

  • Eric Fremd

    Unbelievable! Now I can understand how your Cortisol levels may be playing bad guy with your metabolism. That kind of garbage on a daily basis has to have some negative effects. I just donated $10 and you can count me as one of those folks that never donated a “red cent”…but I did buy your books. I have been trying to get my brother and mother to go low-carb as both are morbidly obese with type 2 diabetes. I think my mom may be at the end of her rope and ready to finally try. I keep trying to help both of them as well as myself. Keep up the great work! I still think you can become one of those lean guys! And so can I- I just have another 80 or 90 lbs of fat to lose. Just need to figure out what works and what maintenance program is required to stay wherever it is one wants to stay. Keep up the great work!

  • Sometimes you bring it on yourself. You said “that’s just Lance being Lance” and then and you blocked me on facebook when I said a neurologist¬†
    ¬†(offline)¬†¬†said there’s no cure for MS and
    I said you and followers don’t want to hear it and if you want to ¬†“surround yourself with Yes Men so be it.” And I was blocked from ever viewing your profile.

    You shouldn’t have said “That’s just x being x” condescendingly and block… escalating things so quickly ¬†like that. Saying “that’s just x being x” is not ¬†humble and provoking diet wars laughing while mocking “vegetarians” and “vegans” is highly inflammatory. So learn from your mistakes, otherwise, don’t complain if you don’t want to learn. If you take the approach “They can’t be convinced anyway.” you’ll just further become more and more narrow-minded convincing yourself you’re the one true all knowing.

  • Jimmy… I know it took a lot to bare your soul like this – but it was well worth doing, if anything to get me a chance to say how much I appreciate what you do and how you do it.¬† I can’t believe that you are able to put out as much material as you do.¬† You have always been very giving and thoughtful in your interactions from me.¬† So hang in there.¬† We’re behind you!

  • Dottoressa T

    Hi Jimmy,
    ¬†¬† One of the most spiteful hatemongers is of course Evelyn Kocur. I commented on her on another blog as I am sickened by her… she seems to devote her entire blog (and thus most of her life) to being hateful about you and Gary Taubes and anyone who agress with what Gary says. I personally think that some people may also need to limit calories as well as carbs, but that’s all she needs to say if that’s what she thinks. There really is no need for all the hate. And if you read this Evelyn, how about getting off your backside, stop hatemongering and GET A LIFE.

    This is the comment I put on Woo’s Scribble Pad blog:
    Some people blog nearly everyday and they write reams and reams of repetitive nonsense. Carbsane is the worst. She even blogged when she was supposed to be on holiday. It seems clear that she has no life apart from her blog – if she is sat plonking at her computer spewing spite at every chance she gets then she can’t have friends, a proper job or spend any time with a partner. Maybe that is why she is so bitter. Her blog is a huge egotrip and it’s a shame that there are a few people who seem to be equally bitter who regularly feed her ego by commenting. It goes to some peoples head the feeling of power that they can delete any comment.As for her vendetta against Jimmy Moore… blogger who went on a low carb diet and is still fat repeatedly writes about a blogger who went on a low carb diet and is still fat. Where’s the difference? Mainly that JM isn’t as bitter and twisted about it, talks to lots of people and is open about making money from ads etc. Carbsane spends most of her time insulting anyone who is doing what she did ie go on a VLC diet, then she calls¬†her spitefulness¬†‘work’ and holds out her begging bowl for donations. Anyone could say ‘peer review’ and ‘per se’ a lot, copy chunks out of journal papers, waffle about it a bit and then flood it with a lot of spite and claims of fraud at anyone who doesn’t agree with her. She has delusions of being a witty, fairminded ‘science geek’ with ‘scientific acumen’ (her term) despite the lack of qualifications to ever get a job as a real professional scientist. But it is only a delusion. If she is such a great scientist, why is she teaching remedial math and why can’t she get access to full text papers? Normal people with a life and friends and real jobs just don’t have time to spew waffle and acrimony on blogs their whole life.If Tom Naughton cut her off then that’s good. I doubt if many decent bloggers would want a spiteful deluded hypocrite trolling on their patch.Sorry about the rant, but I feel that nasty people like this make the world an uglier place.

    • Susan M.

      It’s funny. ¬†I never knew Evelyn was CarSane until the first time I checked out her blog when she first started blogging instead of always commenting on Jimmy’s site. ¬†I thought “I know who this is!” ¬†“This is that cankanerous, aggravating, pontificating unhappy person that is alway arguing on Jimmy’s blog!

      Susan M.

    • Cant wait to tell you just how bad it can get soon…….you wont believe it.

  • Abrenner8

    Jimmy, you have been an inspiration to me in my efforts to continue educating myself in low-carb- clean food¬†–¬†ancestral eating. We all have a ton to learn. Since the science is only part of the way there,¬†we all must read and share what we know. Your contribution in this arena has been enormous. You are candid, down to earth and universally accepting of all of us who are on the quest. There will always be those who do not know how to have a disagreement without becoming disagreeable. Don’t let the bastards get you down!!! We love you.

  • Dear Jimmy, keep on keeping on, I couldn’t even estimate the value of what I’ve learned from your site and the folks you’ve introduced me to, thank you!!¬† It’s entirely possible that if I had found your site in 2009, I’ve have never started blogging – you were doing what I thought needed doing.¬† Best regards to you in sustaining your health and growth and learning and teaching, you are helping so many!!

  • Ramonaji08

    What you provide is an entertaining, well-produced, tantalizing podcast that continually keeps me coming back for more! ¬†I wouldn’t have even HEARD of any of those Paleo people, for example, if not for YOU! ¬†You are (imho) the BEST podcast interviewer out there, and yeah, you could be making money with your talent and skills doing all kinds of other stuff, but your LOVE for this shines through. ¬†This seems to be your calling, and you’re answering it brilliantly. ¬†

  • Oly Fischer


  • Hi Jimmy!
    The garbage that is directed at you is actually a statement of the way the authors of the personal attacks feels about themselves. Carl Jung writes about the shadow self that every human must face in order to be real, and being real means being connected to each other in the foundation of love. I think you are providing an excellent blog with regards to proper diet for millions of obese humans who scan the internet for answers to their own struggles. I know from my personal experience how stress negatively effects your metabolism, and even the perfect diet will not alleviate the high cortisol levels from chronic conditions. I want you to take care of yourself first, and recognize the signs of distress that you are aware of, and situations that are stressful from subconscious conditioning of the brain. The anniversary of your brother’s passing at the age you are about to become is significant. You must find ways to make healthy coping habits a part of your day so y9ou can continue to provide the excellent information that you do for others. Good luck. Jimmy and God bless!

  • Anu

    I just donated 10 dollars. Easily worth it for all the amazing information I get from your blog! Keep doing what you do and please know that there are many people out there who appreciate the immense amounts of time and effort you put in! 

  • Mary_lee_fultz

    Dear Jimmy, I was crestfallen when I read this post…I’ve been a bit out of touch lately and hadn’t visited as regularly as I’d love to. ūüôā ¬†-It completely disheartens me that people can be this way…and yet, I know they can. ¬†You have helped so very many-including me-on my low carb journey and quite simply, I pray that I can meet you and Christine someday and thank you in person for your amazing, extensive research into low carb. living. ¬†Consider how the late Dr. Atkins felt-so attacked, criticized and mocked…remind you of anyone? I feel that whenever a cause is great-such as saving a life ‘is’-that the job can never come easy…And so, you too, are helping to save lives through the current educational/scientific research that you go out of your way to provide. ¬†You are right, Jimmy; those people are hurting, and the proper thing to do for those who mock us and our life-work, is to pray for them and forgive them. ¬†In the meanwhile, just know how loved you are by all of us who come here for encouragement, laughter, joy and education into eating wholesome, God-made foods. ¬†Huge hugs from me…Mary

  • Charlyne

    Wow…some people are so crule and insensative towards others, hang in there and be encouraged. Have a great day and smile.

  • April Allen

    I just read this as I’ve been “away” for awhile with other things. ¬†You are more than wonderful and I send love and hugs to you! ¬†You have helped me a lot and I still need help. ¬†A lifetime of high carbs has been horrible to try to overcome!¬† I’d rather read your blogs and listen to your things because you are “real” and not pretending to be “super-human”! ¬†Keep up the great work and ignore the naysayers!¬†

  • Penny Price McIntosh

    Wow. I am relatively new to your blog but have been an ancestral blog follower for years. I also have my own blog and am attempting the lonely task of transforming the health of East TN. I don’t get personal attacks, I get blank stares. Some really have never heard this stuff and simply think I am a bit weird. At least you are able stir up some type of thought and emotion!! I tell them but sometimes they just look stunned. I relay the message but sometimes the most needy simply can’t grasp the importance. Like you know wearing a condom will prevent aids but you just won’t do it. It is simple…but it may not be easy. I hope to meet you at AHS in August. My deepest wish is to bring health and hope to the ones we can reach. Let the unenlightened find their own way…the hard way.

  • Teabrain

    I will be very honest with you Jimmy, and I don’t mean this post to be mean or cruel.¬† But you would be doing much more for your credibility if you would just post a current photograph of yourself on your website instead of leaving one that is probably a decade old when you were at your thinnest.¬† People may feel this is not an honest representation.

    I am not condemning you.  Lord knows my weight goes up and down (mostly up) these last 15 years.  I enjoy your blog and sometimes listen to your podcasts, but blogs should be totally honest in their representation of their hosts to gain 100% credibility.

    Take care and enjoy your time off.

    • LLVLCBlog


      See the latest photo update that I posted last month. ūüôā

      • Teabrain

         You look fantastic Jimmy!  Thank you for sharing.  Broadcast that photo on your home page too!  You deserve the kudos!

        • LLVLCBlog

          Thank you!

  • Tom Wilson

    If anyone had any doubts that Low Carb is NOT the way to go, they only have to check your most recent photo.¬† 8 years livinlavidalowcarb ain’t working for you bro.¬† Plant-based, whole foods and no added oils is the way to go.¬† Your health and your waistline will thank you¬†

  • Zuckdawg

    Jimmy, you have made a huge contribution to the lives of so many people. I hope that you will eventually get down to whatever weight you desire.¬† I’m a big believer in low carb, only because it has worked for me so well and just seems to make sense.¬† I respect that you have always been open and honest about this experiment that is your ongoing struggle to be healthy.¬† I hope you never become too invested in any dogma, even low carb, where you refuse to be open to other ideas, if there comes a time where they make sense to you. I trust that you will, because you do these experiments eg. safe starches, testing your blood after the lc pasta, the egg fast, etc and seem to be interested in results, more than hanging on to any preconceived notion of what works. Keep up the good work! —ZuckdawgPS:¬† Reading your entry I was reminded of the following quote: Always remember others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.Richard Nixon

  • Cindy Cook

    Jimmy, giving you a big virtual hug right now. You are a class act and don’t EVER forget it, sweetie!

  • Rodrigo

    Hi Jimmy, 
    Just to say that you inspire more people you imagine.
    I¬īm from Brazil and I always follow your podcast. It¬īs an amazing work and inspires me a lot.
    My sincere gratitude for your work.

    I would like to say you that I¬īm on a LCHF diet for almost a year now and just on april I discovered your blog and podcast. It gave me an superb source of information, references etc. Thank you so much for your dedication!

    But what i really want to say to you is that I have some points about healing that I¬īve learned on my hard journey and that could very much interest you.
    I don¬īt think on this comment I could tell everything i would like, so I¬īll send an email.

    Again, thank you for this amazing person you are.

    Best Regards from Brazil!

    • LLVLCBlog

      Thank you so much Rodrigo.

  • Numapass

    Hey Jimmy, you might be right about hurt people, but some people are simply malicious and enjoy being so. Weight gain, weight loss, bad haircut – they would find something to hate and comment on. Continue to hit that delete button. Best wishes and thanks for all the work.