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ABC’s ‘Catalyst’ Program Gets To The ‘Heart Of The Matter’ On Cholesterol

If you happened to miss the major media attention that has taken place over in the nation of Australia over the past week regarding the truth about cholesterol, saturated fat and statin drugs, then you are in for a very special treat today. A very brave medical science reporter named Dr. Maryanne Demasi decided to do a two-part series on cholesterol (read why HERE) for a very popular health-based program called “Catalyst” which airs on ABC-TV. Part 1 that aired on October 24, 2013 focused in on the role of dietary fat and cholesterol and how we have been misled about the significance of these on heart health. Part 2 that aired on October 31, 2013 zeroed in on the cholesterol-lowering statin medications and how the general public has been deceived about the proper use of these drugs. Watch both of these fantastic half-hour segments to see the truth about cholesterol getting out there:

Heart of the Matter Part 1 – Dietary Villains

Heart of the Matter Part 2 – Cholesterol Drug War

There’s been quite the hilarious uproar about these segments from the so-called health experts in Australia who are none-too-pleased to have their diet and heart health advice called into question by the likes of some familiar names in the low-carb and Paleo community (many of whom I have interviewed on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast): Gary Taubes, Dr. Mike Eades, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Ernest Curtis, and many more:

  • Sections of the medical community question Catalyst program about cholesterol and heart disease
  • Cholesterol Furore
  • Professor wants ABC science program pulled
  • Backlash against ABC’s Catalyst program questioning heart disease-cholesterol links
  • Professor urges ABC to pull Catalyst episode on cholesterol drugs, says it could result in deaths
  • Kudos to the producers at ABC-TV in Australia for standing behind their correspondent Dr. Demasi and refusing to cave to the pressure of some truly laughable claims. The following one made by a Public Health professor named Emily Banks was especially entertaining (this is NOT a joke–she actually said this!):

    “If people stop using their statins or if they don’t start them when they should be, it’s very likely that it will result in death. It’s likely that if this program goes ahead, and it does the unwarranted undermining of statins, that there will be people who didn’t have to have a heart attack and didn’t have to die from a heart attack, who will die through reducing use of statins.”

    Hoo boy! Sounds like somebody could desperately use some Cholesterol Clarity. What the HDL is wrong with such a leading voice for health in Australia resorting to such scaremongering?! Meanwhile, looking at the overwhelmingly positive response from viewers on the “Catalyst” Facebook page, it seems people like Banks are in the great minority. Plus, other news outlets there like “A Current Affair” couldn’t help but do their own story on cholesterol seeing all the attention “Catalyst” was receiving. WOW!

    I’d say the timing of my new book couldn’t have been more perfect with this kind of positive news coverage happening down in the land of Oz. Now I wonder how long it will take prominent American media outlets like “60 Minutes,” “The Dr. Oz Show” or “Dateline NBC” to jump on the bandwagon to learn even more about this topic and educate the public about this vitally important information. Hopefully sooner than later. The truth is out there just waiting to be shared.

    If you want more BONUS interview footage from Dr. Demasi’s conversations with the various experts, check ’em out here:

  • Gary Taubes Talks About Bad Science
  • Dr. Michael Eades Shares How We Swapped Butter For Margarine
  • Dr. John Abramson Discusses Drug Company Influence Clinical Trials
  • Dr. Ernest Curtis Exposes The Side Effects Of Statins
  • Get more videos, downloads and links related to this story on the SPECIAL EDITION page for the “Heart Of The Matter” series. And you’ll be pleased to hear that I contacted Dr. Maryanne Demasi on Twitter (send her a THANK YOU for a job well done on this story!) and she’s agreed to do a podcast interview with me in early 2014 to talk about why she did this story and to provide some insider information about the response she’s received about it. That should be fun! Hope to meet her in person when I return to Australia for a speaking tour in late 2014.


    • TedHutchinson

      I’ve been very impressed by the way Dr. Maryanne Demasi has responded to her critics in her Twitterfeed account.
      I’d have liked to have seen her interview some of the cholesterol sceptics from this side of the pond but finances didn’t permit that.
      Dr Briffa’s latest blog fits in well with what she was saying. “BMJ articles exposes the ways we have been misled over the ‘benefits’ of statins”
      It would also have been useful to have spent some time detailing the measures people could take to reduce the actual risk factors that are actually increasing heart disease.

    • Gemma G

      Also very impressed by this episode. Some more background info how statins function can be read here: http://www.zoeharcombe.com/2013/10/how-statin-drugs-really-lower-cholesterol-and-kill-you-one-cell-at-a-time/