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77-Year Old Woman Rejects Taking Statin Drug After Reading Cholesterol Clarity

All I can say is I…LOVE…THIS testimony from a reader:

My 77-year old mother named Joan went to the local hospital recently to have her cholesterol numbers run and she asked me for a copy of your book Cholesterol Clarity that she had been seeing me reading lately. I have been preaching all this stuff you shared in your book with her and she was curious to see how well her numbers looked.

Here were the results: LDL-C was 135, HDL-C was a whopping 156, triglycerides were a mere 20, and her total cholesterol was 290.

Needless to say, her doctor wanted to immediately put her on a cholesterol-lowering statin medication. Keep in mind that my mom has been on a strict very low-carb, high-fat diet for the past two decades and I was thrilled when I saw her results. But her doctor struck the fear of God in her that she needed to be on the statin to protect her heart health. He used fear to make his case to my mom, but she was already beginning to doubt whether she needed to be on a medication for her cholesterol.

You’ll be happy to hear she refused to take the statin drugs because the numbers that really count were right where they need to be. As she was showing me her cholesterol numbers, I was praising her for a job well done, especially with her triglycerides (a microscopic 20) and unbelievably high HDL-C (156) which I told her were the much more important markers on the cholesterol panel as you share about in your book. She downloaded a copy of it to her Kindle and called me back to thank me profusely for researching this and telling her about Cholesterol Clarity.

My mother told me that reading the information shared by all of the great experts you interviewed for your book took a huge weight off of her shoulders about this issue. She has gone from extremely worried to excitedly thrilled by how well she is doing in her health. Now mom is armed with some solid ammunition to take back to her doctor when she goes back to see him for her next check-up. She told me she wants to bring in my hardback copy of your book to show him and educate him about what she has learned. Mom can’t wait to bring some Cholesterol Clarity to her doctor!

Thank you so much for this work of art!

This absolutely makes my day. Did you see her numbers? Yes, Joan’s total cholesterol is 290, but 159 of it was her HDL-C…the kind you WANT to have higher. Her HDL-C is an incredible 55% of her total cholesterol. And with triglycerides barely detectable at 20, her triglyceride-to-HDL ratio is the lowest one I’ve EVER seen in my life–0.12! Anything under 2.0 is incredible. WOW WOW WOW! It’s utterly disgusting that her doctor wanted her to take a drug to take away the very thing that is giving Joan vibrant life right now. WAY TO GO JOAN and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

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  • Raymund Edwards

    “Keep in mind that my mom has been on a strict very low-carb, high-fat diet for the past two decades and I was thrilled when I saw her results.”

    Terrific triglyceride level . I wonder have they always been that good over the entire two decades or do they just keep getting better and better over time ?
    If so that would be an awesome encouragement for many people. Much better than if that just happened to be her particular gene expression all along.

    • LLVLCBlog

      In case she doesn’t chime in with answers to your questions, Raymund, I’ll share some thoughts. Triglycerides are the easiest number to drop. Cut your carbs and even moderate your protein and they will come down very quickly into a healthy range. Mine are currently 37. HDL-C on the other hand is VERY difficult to raise. I’ve never seen an HDL level as high as hers (mine is 79), but women in general, especially as they age, tend to have the ability to experience higher levels of HDL cholesterol. It’s definitely keeping her healthier than her doctor even realizes.

      • rchrd881

        IMHO, HDL at 156 is cause for concern. If her doctor hasn’t ordered liver function tests I would urge her to ask for them along with the usual inflammation tests.

        • LLVLCBlog

          I’m sure she’ll appreciate your assessment.

  • younggunz

    Pretty ridiculous that her doctor would expect a 77 year old women to keep cholesterol numbers of a 20-30 year old.

  • Lynda Schwemmer

    So encouraging! I’m 63 and have been on statins for years but I think right after my next blood work I’m going to stop them. Probably without any big announcements to the doctor. I have been on keto for 6 months and I want to be able to compare my biomarkers to last time without making any changes. My blood lipids have been pretty good, but I wonder what to expect when I stop taking statins? My husband had been unable to tolerate Lipitor despite pressure from the doc, but I had been seemingly doing quite well. Now that I have learned about their dark side from you and Dr. Perlmutter, I don’t think I’m still willing to do this to my body.

  • timshel01

    All my respect to Joan for staying the healthy course.

    I’m more convinced that 99.9% of doctors are quacks.

    BTW Did you see the recent news about Tom Hanks ?

    Nice job Jimmy.

    • LLVLCBlog

      Yep, posted about Tom Hanks on social media today.

  • Margaret

    According to Dr. Perlmutter (“Grain Brain”), her two decades of low carb eating have probably protected her from developing Alzheimers and dementia. Jimmy is right, it is pretty disgusting that her doctor wants to medicate her. Does she have any history of heart problems? Doesn’t sound like it. Then why in the heck would you medicate a 77 year old woman for cholesterol?!! She needs that to protect her brain function and ward off infection.

  • Spinsei

    I’m guessing doctors are petrified into following the currently accepted protocol. If you die of CVHD and you are ON statins it’s acceptable, however if you die of CVHD and you doctor DIDN’T put you on statins he is in for the high jump.

    • LLVLCBlog

      That’s the tragedy of it all, Kirk. It’s all a CYA.

  • reddarin

    Jimmy, did you see the blog post by Dr. Eades? There is an Australian TV special debunking the lipid hypothesis. Part 1 aired last Thursday. They laid out the fraud known as correlation between cholesterol and CVD. Part 2 is this coming Thursday and I think they take on statins. It was good.


    • LLVLCBlog

      Yep, I posted all over social media. Landed an interview with the reporter who did this story for The LLVLC Show coming in January. Will post BOTH videos after Part 2 airs on Thursday.

      • reddarin

        Have you ever considered becoming a fighter jet pilot Jimmy? I mean, how the heck you keep up with the fire hose of information coming at you baffles me. I was thinking about that when I posted about the TV special.

        Can’t wait to hear the LLVLC podcast in January!