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25-Year Old Documentary ‘The Sugar Trap’ Still Rings True Today

Surfing around YouTube last week, I stumbled upon an incredible documentary about the dangers of consuming sugar that first aired in 1986. I was 14 years old at the time and probably could have stood to learn a lot about healthy nutrition from this. Of course, I was totally ambivalent about pretty much everything at that age so maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference one way or another with me (although all of my mom’s low-fat diet experimentations would have made me more lipophobic than sugarphobic). But it’s interesting that sugar was already under the microscope so many years ago because people were realizing how addictive it can be.

With the enormous attention given to the subject of fructose in recent years thanks to Dr. Robert Lustig‘s “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” video that’s gone viral because of the support of the health blogosphere, this quarter-century old documentary called The Sugar Trap features interviews with the experts as well as testimonies from real people dealing with hypoglycemia and other blood sugar-related conditions that improved by greatly reducing or eliminating sugar from their diet. Amazingly, despite this being at the height of the low-fat fad that took off in the 1980’s, the documentary accurately noted that saturated fat is not the villain here–it’s the sugar! They even knew this undeniable truth way back then.

Other than the dated references used by the participants in the documentary (one guy said his kid stormed into the house after school “like Starsky & Hutch,” a popular TV show in the 1980’s), it’s chock full of some fantastic information that still rings true today in 2011 as it did in 1986. The one-hour documentary is broken up into six segments on YouTube and I’ve embedded them here in sequential order for you to watch! I appreciate the focus on behavioral issues with children that was featured in the documentary because many times it’s not ADHD, ADD, or any other related issue. Cut the sugar from the kid’s diet and his behavior radically changes for the better. Check out how remarkably timeless this information is in light of the continuing obesity and diabetes epidemics that still exist in the United States and around the world today.







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  • Suzan Robertson

    Jimmy, there is also a heartbreaking documentary I watched online about sugar, but it is on the people who work the sugar cane fields in the Caribbean, and how they are virtually slaves of the large sugar corporations. If I have time, I may look for it and send you a link. After I watched it, I decided that eating white, processed, sugar was not only bad for my health, I could no longer support those companies that treat their employees so badly.

  • Reba

    thanks for posting this Jimmy!  It blows my mind that “way back” then science knew all of this, and yet all the health associations and recommended food guides STILL tout the low fat – high carbohydrate diets, and commercials keep telling parents that Froot Loops are part of a healthy breakfast!  GAH!

    • Anonymous

      It’s mind boggling to say the least.

  • Jill Escher

    Speechless. So remarkably prescient.  I emailed the filmmaker to thank him, however belatedly!

    • Anonymous

      Could easily be remade for 2011.