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2017 Low-Carb Cruise: Final Guest Speakers & Lectures

You are personally invited to sign up for the 10th Annual Low-Carb Cruise coming May 19-26, 2017 sailing aboard the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas leaving out of Seattle, Washington and going to Juneau, Alaska, Skagway, Alaska, Tracy Arm Fjord, and Victoria, British Columbia. We always have a great time with lots of friends from the low-carb, Paleo, primal movement in an intimate setting. People often ask me if the whole ship is low-carb–uhhhhh, no. It’s a normal cruise with thousands of guests and we’re a pretty large group of nearly 400 on that ship. But the options for foods that fit a low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic lifestyle are very easy to find and enjoy. And boy do we ever have a wonderful time meeting new people and connecting with them on a shared love for real food and healthy living. We’d love to have you join us on this memorable trip that celebrates our decade of high-quality conferences in a cruise setting!

While getting to visit exotic locations is obviously a great perk of going on the Low-Carb Cruise, the best part of this annual event is hands down the special guest speakers who give amazing lectures for the attendees to listen, learn, and take home practical information with them long after the cruise is over. Get a feel for what the lectures are like by listening to this audio from the 2016 Low-Carb Cruise.

Here’s the awesome line-up of people and their tentative lecture titles we have to look forward to on the 2017 Low-Carb Cruise:

Saturday, May 20, 2017
8:00AM-8:30AM: Registration
8:30AM-9:00AM: Welcome and Introduction of the Low-Carb Cruise
9:00AM-9:30AM: Jimmy Moore – Keto And Fasting: Latest Fads Or The Keys To Optimal Health?
9:30AM-10:00AM: Dave Feldman – High Cholesterol on a Low-Carb Diet
10:00AM-10:15AM: Break
10:15AM-10:45AM: Dr. Lucia Aronica – Towards A Personalized Low-Carb Plan: Genetic And Epigenetic Markers Of Carbohydrate Tolerance
10:45AM-11:15AM: Valerie Goldstein — The Power of You!
11:15AM-11:30AM: Break
11:30AM-12:00PM: Hanna Boethius – Becoming An Empowered Patient
12:00PM-12:30PM: Melanie Miller – How To Launch A Low-Carb Revolution
12:30PM-2:15PM: Lunch break
2:15PM-3:00PM: Dr. Steve Phinney – The Case for Nutritional Ketosis
3:00PM-3:15PM: Break
3:15PM-3:45PM: Dr. Howard Green – These Feet Are Made For Walking
3:45PM-4:30PM: Maria Emmerich – Common Keto Weight Loss Mistakes
4:30PM: Closing remarks
8:00PM-10:00PM: WORLD PREMIER of Fat Head Kids Movie with Q&A from Tom & Chareva Naughton

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
1:00PM-1:15PM: Announcements
1:15PM-1:45PM: Dr. Eric Westman – Commercializing LCHF: Now is the Time!
1:45PM-2:15PM: Erynn Kay – Does Fiber Make you Fat?: The Gut’s Effect on Weight and Metabolism
2:15PM-2:30PM: Break
2:30PM-3:00PM: Dr. Ann Childers – Nutrition and Mental Health
3:00PM-3:15PM: Break
3:15PM-4:00PM: Dr. Adam Nally – Low T and How to Fix It with Fat
4:00PM-4:30PM: Dr. Philip Blair – Tribute to the late Dr. Duane Graveline at SpaceDoc.com
4:30PM: Closing remarks
8:00PM-10:00PM (or later): DR. STEVE PHINNEY Q&A BREAKOUT WORKSHOP #1 (limited to 60 people)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
8:30AM-8:45AM: Announcements
8:45AM-9:30AM: Jackie Eberstein – What Health Tests To Ask Your Doctor To Run And Why
9:30AM-10:00AM: Amber O’Hearn – My Carnivorous Keto Diet: Why Plants are Unnecessary and May Cause Harm
10:00AM-10:15AM: Break
10:15AM-10:45AM: Brian Williamson – Keto And Fitness
10:45AM-11:00AM: Break
11:00AM-11:45PM: LIVE recording of Keto Talk with Jimmy Moore & The Doc
11:45PM-2:00PM: Lunch break
3:00PM-3:15PM: Break
4:45PM: Closing remarks
8:00PM-10:00PM (or later): DR. STEVE PHINNEY Q&A BREAKOUT WORKSHOP #2 (limited to 60 people)

QUESTIONS? Email me at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. Hope to meet you in May!

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