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2015 Low-Carb Cruise Speaker & Lecture Schedule

There’s still a little more room left for YOU if you’d like to join us on The 8th Annual Low-Carb Cruise coming up May 24-31, 2015 setting sail on Royal Caribbean’s beautiful and majestic Independence of the Seas vessel leaving out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida! For a current quote on the remaining cabins, please e-mail my Low-Carb Cruise booking coordinator Debbie Hubbs at ddhubbs@msn.com or call her with any questions you may have about this awesome event at 480-326-8210. Hope to see you on this year’s Low-Carb Cruise!

We’re loaded with some incredible speakers this year. CHECK IT OUT:

Monday, May 25, 2015
8:30AM-9:00AM: Registration
9:00AM-9:15AM: Welcome and Introduction of the Low-Carb Cruise
9:15AM-10:00AM: Dr. Keith RunyanManagement of Diabetes with a Ketogenic Diet
10:00AM-10:15AM: Dr. Eric WestmanHEAL Diabetes Medical & Weight Loss Clinics
10:15AM-10:25AM: Break
10:25AM-11:10AM: Dr. Justin MarchiagianiHormonal Imbalances and the Blood Sugar Connection
11:10AM-11:40AM: Dana CarpenderADD, Addiction and Obesity
11:40AM-1:15PM: Lunch break
1:15PM-1:45PM: Tom NaughtonKonvincing Kids that Kalorie Kounting is Kooky
1:45PM-2:15PM: Dr. Eric WestmanA Brief History of the Treatment of Diabetes
2:15PM-2:25PM: Break
2:25PM-2:55PM: Dr. Philip Blair and Nancy WeberRemote Low-Carb Healthcare
2:55PM-3:40PM: Dr. Jayson and Mira CaltonMicronutrient Miracle: How Real Food, Smart Supplementation, and Intelligent Lifestyle Habits Enhance Your Ketogenic Diet
3:40PM-3:50PM: Break
3:50PM-4:35PM: Dr. Andreas EenfeldtThe Food Revolution
4:35PM-4:45PM: Closing remarks

Friday, May 29, 2015
9:00AM-9:15AM: Announcements
9:15AM-10:00AM: Dr. Ann ChildersStone Age Body, Space Age Diet: Food, Mood and Brain Health
10:00AM-10:45AM: Jackie EbersteinWeight loss struggles of women over 50
10:45AM-10:55AM: Break
10:55AM-11:25AM: Cassie BjorkNon-Diet Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight and Getting Healthy
11:25AM-11:55AM: Caitlin Weeks and Nabil BoumarHow to Incorporate The Best of The Mediterranean Diet into your Low Carb Plan
11:55AM-12:10PM: Glen FinkelLow-Carb Adapted Presentation
12:10PM-1:30PM: Lunch break
1:30PM-1:45PM: Michel LundellWhy I Created The Ketonix Breath Ketone Meter
1:45PM-2:30PM: Jimmy Moore12 Things We Got All Wrong About Cholesterol And Ketosis
2:30PM-3:00PM: Jamie CaporossoKeto-Paleo and Athletes
3:00PM-3:10PM: Break
3:10PM-3:40PM: Emily MaguireA Hitchhiker’s Guide To LCHF Around The World – My Journey So Far
3:40PM-4:20PM: Dr. Jay WortmanVested interests conspire against LCHF
4:20PM-4:30PM: Closing remarks

Saturday, May 30, 2015
10:00AM-10:15AM: Announcements
10:15AM-11:00AM: Dr. Michael FoxWomen, Hormones and Nutrition
11:00AM-11:30AM: Dr. Jose LozadoLow-carb diet and cancer prevention
11:30AM-1:00PM: Lunch Break
1:00PM-2:30PM: Q&A Session #1 (speakers from Day 1)
2:30PM-2:45PM: Break
2:45PM-4:15PM: Q&A Session #2 (speakers from Days 2 & 3)
4:15PM-4:30PM: Farewell/Closing remarks

Don’t you dare miss THE BIGGEST low-carb event of 2015!

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