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2013 Low-Carb Cruise Final Guest Speaker Lineup

The 2013 Low-Carb Cruise is coming up on us very quickly in just a few short months and there’s still time for YOU to join us for some of the most amazing fun in the sun you could ever hope for on board the Carnival Magic on May 5-12, 2013 leaving out of Galveston, Texas port going to Mahogany Bay, Belize and Cozumel as well as the special dinner and roasting of the guest speakers the night before on May 4, 2013 at the Doubletree Hotel on JFK Boulevard in Houston, Texas by FAT HEAD‘s Tom Naughton that was such a big hit in 2012. You can REGISTER NOW to be a part of our sixth annual community celebration of the joys and benefits of healthy low-carb living! This has always been a memorable time for everyone involved and what a fantastic star-studded lineup we have in store for you this year. Here’s the final guest speaker schedule along with their lecture title:

ROBB WOLF“How to optimize performance, health and longevity”

JIMMY MOORE“My 1-year Nutritional Ketosis N=1 Experiment”

DR. JAY WORTMAN“My Big Fat Diet: Why has the conventional paradigm for obesity failed to deliver a solution to this global epidemic and is there an alternative paradigm that could?”

DIANE SANFILIPPO“Who Needs Low-Carb Paleo (And Who Doesn’t)?”

DIETITIAN CASSIE“Being A Low-Carb RD In A Non-Low-Carb World”

DR. DWIGHT LUNDELL“ED (no not that ED): The intersection of diet and heart disease”

DR. ANDREAS EENFELDT“The C-Word (Calories) Controversy”

JACKIE EBERSTEIN“Robert C. Atkins: Doctor of Complementary Medicine”

DR. JAYSON & MIRA CALTON“Rich Food, Poor Food: The importance of food quality and micronutrient sufficiency when following a low-carb diet”

DAVE ASPREY“16 reasons a low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet will make you rock”

JONATHAN BAILOR“Misinformed Metabolism Math & Correct Calorie Quality”

We are excited about this incredible group of the top leaders in the Paleo, low-carb and real foods movement and hope to have you be a part of it, too! SIGN UP NOW so you don’t miss out on your chance to rub elbows with all the luminaries who will be with us on the 2013 Low-Carb Cruise!

  • B. Clark

    Great lineup Jimmy, can’t wait!!

    • LLVLCBlog

      This year will be epic! Looking forward to it.

  • Cruise booked and paid for. See ya on the ship. I will be flying into Houston Hobby direct from Branson, MO, so will miss out on the gathering at IAH.

    • LLVLCBlog

      We’d love to have ya at the pre-cruise dinner.