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2013 Book Review: ‘Primal Connection’ By Mark Sisson

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight, get healthy and attain that perfect body you’ve always dreamed of having? If so, then don’t even bother picking up and reading this book by the bestselling author of the 2009 instant classic book release The Primal Blueprint. It was that book that has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to start eating and living in the way their genes intended and to “reprogram” their body to operate at optimal levels. But even veteran health and fitness blogger Mark Sisson would be the first to tell you the truth about what’s really going on behind-the-scenes of your weight, fitness and health and it all comes down to a rather uniquely human idea of getting connected with ourselves–a concept he expands upon very well in his groundbreaking new 2013 book release entitled The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness.

Mark Sisson from the uber-popular “Mark’s Daily Apple” health blog is the kind of innovator and outside-the-box thinker we so desperately need at this point in time when much of the mainstream nutritional health advice still seems hellbent on pushing lower fat and calories, increasing the “healthy” whole grains and wheat-based products, vilifying red meat and saturated fat and giving more credence to cardiovascular exercise over all other forms of movement. Then when all of these things predictably fail to produce the changes you desire, that’s when the medical community steps in with a prescription pill for this and that to help fill the void in your health. Sadly, this just prolongs the inevitable as your condition becomes worse and worse, you get stressed out about it, you put on some weight (then some more and more) and your life quickly becomes a mess. Sound familiar anyone?

This ruthless cycle plays itself out over and over again in yourself, your family, your friends, the people you work with, the lady who checks you out at the grocery store, the man who delivers your mail–virtually everyone. But is it an inevitable fate that befalls all of us as the ultimate destiny we have for our lives that we can’t do anything about? If you ask Mark Sisson about this, then I have no doubt he would respond with an emphatic “no” as he has done with crystal clear clarity in The Primal Connection. Within the pages of this book, he puts forth a rather convincing, irrefutable argument that we simply need to reacquaint ourselves with six key connections that he sees as necessary for getting your life back on track again to function in the way it was intended (and running on a treadmill and eating tofu and whole wheat bagels with fat-free cream cheese ain’t it!).

These 6 key connections he shares about in this book include:


We all have “monkey chatter” that goes on up inside of our heads and some of us allow that to discourage our efforts even when we have the best of intentions. Getting rid of the negativity and focusing on being an encouragement to ourselves is a connection worth pursuing. Don’t miss the “10 Habits Of Highly Successful Hunter-Gatherers” that will rock your world if you really want to apply the principles of this one into your life. And do you have a WTF Fund set up? You should for those times when life happens in ways that only life can. Plus, be a little selfish and curious and a lot forgiving. If you clear up your inner dialogue so that you and your mind are on the same page, you’ll be well on your way.


We are a physical being that enjoys operating in the way it was intended. From the release of endorphins and other chemical responses that come from a simple hug (which should now be your “default greeting” by the way) to reconnecting with the Earth by purposely going barefoot or minimalist with shoes like Vibram FiveFingers, doing what our body was intended to do will put us back on the pathway to living the way we were supposed to. That includes correcting poor posture and perhaps returning to the squatting position when go to do #2 (a bit of a TMI, but a connection your body desperately wants you to experience perhaps for the first time ever). Finally, we need to break out of our culture of sitting and embrace the title of the blood-pumping Reel 2 Real song “I Like To Move It.”


We have an insatiable need and desire to connect with our surroundings in nature. From counterbalancing the technological distractions of our day to quite literally getting down and dirty in a world that demands we stay squeaky clean, this is a connection that will be challenging but not impossible to achieve. Did you know we all had “natural killer” (NK) cells in our bodies to help us fight disease? Nature walks are such an important part of increasing these NK cells that the medical industry has decided to do regular health checkups for people–AT THE LOCAL PARK! Whoa! And by all means, please get dirty, filthy and soak in all that has to offer your body. The people who make Purell hand sanitizer don’t want you to know this, but their product is actually making you sicker because your body cannot develop the bacteria to take on any intruders when you’re constantly killing them. We were never intended to be as clean as we are.


We have been designed to have a very clear circadian rhythm that requires our bodies to be awake during the daytime and fast asleep at night to function well. But with all the stress, kids, iPhones, tablets and other such distractions of life, this can be extremely difficult to manage which is where reconnecting with this natural day/night process is critical to your overall health. Do you get enough sun exposure in your day to give you the proper levels of Vitamin D and more? If not, then this is your clue to make it a priority on a daily basis so you will rise up out of bed in the morning ready to take on the day and then wind down naturally at night (no need to pop an Ambien anymore) for a restful eight hours of restorative sleep. It’s the way our bodies were meant to function. And by all means, put down the Crackberry reading up on the latest TMZ gossip so your life isn’t eaten up by it with the ironic need to be connected 24/7. You do not.


We all want to be loved and respected by others through the implementation of some genuine, meaningful relationships with people who know, love and respect. However with modern technology such as Facebook and Twitter we are connected more than ever before to a large number of people who may or may not be giving you the kind of friendship and support that you need to live a satisfied life. That’s why developing personal one-on-on relationships with people in person will add so much more meaning to your life at the end of the day. And whether you realize this or not, your health benefits from this real-life connection with other people you know, love and respect. But it’s ultimately your decision how you invest your time, who you choose to interact with both online and in person and whether you will choose to be socially engaged in a real, more meaningful and deliberate way. And when you do, pouring yourself completely into the people you allow in your life is a must.


We just really want to play like we did when we were little kids and that’s totally normal. Getting outdoors especially and moving around in a silly way or even in some organized fashion (my wife Christine and I LOVE playing disc golf) with a game will give you all the benefits you desire from this final piece to the connection puzzle. This is my favorite Mark Sisson concept that has become a major part of my healthy lifestyle the past couple of years giving me plenty of opportunities for “purposeless, all consuming, fun” that quite frankly had been sorely lacking in my life. It’s a selfish habit that will reap for you great rewards if you embrace this connection to the fullest.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I LOVE The Primal Connection. I think Mark Sisson have given those of us who care about our health some great ideas to think about how we can tweak our Paleo, primal, low-carb lifestyle in such a way as to make us even better. While the world chooses to remain focused on the infantile concepts of diet and weight loss as the primary goals of getting healthy, it’s good to know we have an adult watching out for our real best interests and arming us with information that is truly life-changing. THANK YOU Mark Sisson for penning yet another incredible resource for the health community to embrace that makes sense and is implementable in anyone who dares to try it. GET THIS BOOK!

  • Chris Frazier

    im a faithful subscriber to MDA and have all mark’s books-will be getting this one also. this way of life has allowed me to drop 31 lbs.(and counting).admittedly I need to ramp up the exercise portion a bit, but so far, so good! at 57,menapausal,and previously baby=ing a torn meniscus knee injury,gaining weight was effortless. turns out I should’ve been working harder on strengthening the knee and the rest of me too! mark’s books were a big wake-up call for me and the applied info has given me the results ive been looking for. thanks mark, for all you do!

  • Jimmy, thank you so much for this detailed, insightful review! So happy to hear Australia was amazing and that you’re back podcasting after a much-deserved (but loooong!) break. See you in Austin! 🙂 Big fan.

    • LLVLCBlog

      My pleasure, Danielle! Australia was magical, but it’s good to be back doing what I love to do. PaleoFX is gonna RAWK! 🙂