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‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Episode 382: 'The Truth About Thyroid Week' With Dr. Datis Kharrazian

While the nutritional bureaucrats at the United States Department of Agriculture mull over the 2010 Dietary Guidelines with their predictable recommendations pushing a low-fat, high-carb, plant-based diet on Americans over the next few months, some individual states have decided to go a different route in educating the public about what healthy eating looks like. In the state of Maryland, they have been doing something since 2008 called the “Buy Local Challenge” where real local foods produced by farmers and sold at farmer’s markets are highlighted for an entire week in July annually to give them an opportunity to connect with their local consumers. Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Earl Hance with Governor Martin O’Malley’s blessing is urging the people of his state to include one local real whole food in each meal from July 17-25, 2010. Of course, the goal is to make this change permanent thing to alter the food culture forever in Maryland with people purchasing fresh local pastured eggs, grass-fed beef, fresh organic produce, and more from the local farms and to instill in children the importance of knowing where food comes from (and it’s not from grocery stores). Over the weekend, I had the privilege of speaking with Secretary Hance for a 7-minute chat to ask him about why the governor there is so enthusiastic about this “Buy Local Challenge” and what they hope to have happen as a result of this awareness campaign. Take a listen to what he had to say at the beginning of today’s podcast because these are the kind of efforts that warrant our attention and support!

One of the most popular subjects of interest within the low-carb community is on the thyroid. Disorders related to thyroid (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, etc.) are commonplace among many people dealing with obesity and chronic disease. It seems a damaged thyroid leads to so many typical symptoms, but when your doctor tests your thyroid function he tells you everything is okay. But you know everything is NOT okay and that something serious is happening with you that cannot be explained by a “normal” diagnosis. This is why we’re featuring The Truth About Thyroid Week on the podcast with bona fide experts about thyroid who can answer the questions you may have about diagnosing and treating disorders associated with it. Today’s podcast interview guest is arguably the most knowledgable experts on Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism in the world.

In Episode 382 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” we hear from Dr. Datis Kharrazian, author of the definitive book on thyroid called Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal: A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Understanding Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism. Listen to Dr. Kharrazian discuss his foray into nutrition and natural medicine, his frustration with the pharmaceutical model of treating disease, why the prescription drug industry is leading to a shutdown of various bodily functions, how the food solution is oftentimes ignored by mainstream medical professionals although the public is beginning to educate themselves more, what the thyroid gland is and the function it serves, the current problems with the way thyroid issues are being conventionally treated, the most common symptoms of a thyroid disorder, the two antibody tests that are essential to have checked if you exhibit problems, the inefficiency and archaic nature of measuring your temperature for determining thyroid issues in modern society, his analysis of my thyroid test results, why hypothyroidism and metabolic syndrome exhibit similar symptoms, the hypoglycemia connection to thyroid disorders, why blood sugar problems are a precursor to thyroid issues, the specific diet plan he uses to treat patients dealing with an autoimmune reaction in the thyroid, the role gluten plays in thyroid complications, the individualization of carbohydrate tolerance, supplements that are helpful to support thyroid function, why taking iodine is like throwing gasoline on a fire for people with thyroid disorders, the TH1 and TH2 dominance factor, the essential role that Vitamin D plays in stimulating thyroid pathways and why the RDA for it go back to the World War II era, his unique fasting program using a sugar water solution for improving insulin resistance (why a hypoglycemic should NEVER do this), the anti-inflammatory diet that he recommends for patients to fix the metabolic problems, why even organic sources of food can be problematic for people with blood sugar disorders, the medicinal solutions like Levothroxine, Synthroid, and Armour that exist for people needing thyroid replacement therapy and why they fail so many people, how the fillers they put in thyroid drugs are what leads to temporary improvements, and the story behind why there have been problems with the Armour medication. This is a power-packed podcast episode for anything and everything you could ever want to know about thyroid.

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What did you think about what you heard from Dr. Datis Kharrazian regarding thyroid abnormalities? Respond to his interview by telling us your reaction in the show notes section of Episode 382. You are going to want to grab your own copy of his book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal (read my review here) and I encourage you to learn more about the work Dr. Kharrazian is doing on this subject at his official web site ThyroidBook.com. We’re not finished with the subject of thyroid just yet, though. The Truth About Thyroid Week continues on Thursday with Janie Bowthorpe from StopTheThyroidMadness.com who will continue the theme that Dr. Kharrazian began in today’s podcast to help people find out what they can do about their ailing thyroid. Bowthorpe comes at it from the educated layperson perspective because she became so frustrated with the gross misinformation that exists out there. Spread the word to everyone you know dealing with thyroid problems about The Truth About Thyroid Week.

  • Cathi

    Wow! Dr. Datis Kharrazian was really a PowerHouse of information! I have now listened to your interview with him twice just to get all that he was saying. I will probably listen to him again a 3rd time any maybe 4th.

    I myself have been dealing with Hashimoto’s for over 5 years now, and they need more Doctors like him that work from the nutritional aspect. Also, not one doctor that I have been to over the past 5 years thought to test me for Celiac Spru, which by the way I was finally diagnosed as postive for in May 2010 along with Dairy/Casein Sentivities, Corn and Soy Sensitivities. I’ve also been told to stay away from MSG, Nitrates, and of course Iodine. Although, there is still some traces of Idodine in Sea Salt that I use. I wonder what Dr. Datis Kharrazian feels about that?

    I wish I could say I was feeling better, but my body is struggling still. Some things are a little better, while other things are still active. My Doctor says it’s going to take awhile for the body to heal, since I have been eating Glutens all my life. Also, it’s unknown how much damage has been done over the past 52 years of my life, although my blood test showed severe malasorbtion problems, because D and Magnesium levels along other vitamins were very very low even know I was taking high amounts of each of them. I was also passing high amounts of fat through my body. Anyway, it’s too hard to know how long the body has been reacting to Glutens and all these other food Sensitivities that I have been eating all these years. From everything that I have read, it may take up to two years before my body really feels normal again, and then again there still may be some damage that never heals. I hope not.

    Also, one other thing that Dr. Datis Kharrazian did not mention was that people who have the Celiac Disorder, they tend to have Low Natural Killer Cells. . .Mine were almost all gone on my Blood test. So, I’ve been taking Gamma Gobulin Shots for the past 6 weeks to try to boast my Natural Killer Cells. Natural Killer Cells are important to fighing Viruses and keeping Cancer from metastasizing in the body, which is probably why some people with Celiac end up with Cancer in the small intestinal area. So, I was glad to hear that Dr. Datis Kharrazian tested for Celiac or Gluten Disorders. More Doctors should test their patients for Celiac Spru that have Autoimminue Thyroid, and it should be done as soon as a patient is found to have Autoimmune Tyroid.

    I think Dr. Datis Kharrazian is really on to something when it comes to dealing with the core issue, and that is stopping the Automimmune response in the Body. The hard part is figuring out, which foods and supplements are causing the attack and which foods and supplements will heal the body. I wish there were more Doctors like Dr. Datis Kharrazian out there that were willing to do the hard work of figuring out that puzzel in each person. Of course not all people want to go that route, and prefer the magical pill. I wish though, that all Doctors were willing to be ready to do both and had the knowledge to do both. But it takes more time, which HMOs do not give.

    Thank you Jimmy for this Podcast, and I have plans to continue to listen to this one. It should give me some interesting question to ask my Doctor the next time I see him.

    Great Job Jimmy!!!! Thank you for all your hard work in bringing important info to all of us out there listening.

    Ventura, CA

    • THANKS Kat! Don’t forget to listen to Thursday’s show with Janie Bowthorpe for even more in this special “Truth About Thyroid Week” set of shows. :)

  • I can’t help but wonder if we are going in circles here chasing rabbit trails. — Could sugar and hybrid carbohydrates be like speed and be causing all of these symptoms that we keep trying to find and fix but find next to impossible because we keep putting all these unnatural substances back into our systems all the time? Could hypoglycemia and reactive hypoglycemia and autoimmune disease and Hashimoto’s and hypothyroid and pancreas and insulin resistance and everything else talked about here today be caused by foreign and unnatural substances like sugar and hybrid carbohydrates and the entire family of carbohydrates and sugars and alcohols. All totally unnatural and foreign to our bodies. Could they, like amphetamines, be the cause and core in all this?

  • speno

    Great series on thyroid. I finally think I have a handle on hypothyroid issues thanks to these shows.